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Hammerstein NWC

the Death Sentence

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Apologies Mods I meant to put (MOC) in the title.

So I poured my heart and soul into a mech I built for a competition.

What do you guys think. I had to incorporate 3rd party pieces into it as part of the rules.

So here are the origins...

Comments appreciated as much as faves!

In 2085 the Orbital Gateway decloaked and appeared from the dark side of the moon. Drop Ships from World #2785 shattered the tranquillity of Earth soon after. The Ministry from Dimension X had arrived to spread their Gospel of Death.


The Name "Death Sentence" was thought to have originated from the unlucky units who were sent to fight it. In actual fact the moniker was adopted by the Pilots of the mech division itself.

The mech is comprised of an organic exoskeleton and a Titanium-Ceranium metal alloy base. It has been invigorated by "Technomancy" (technological necromancy).

The mech does not use an atomic fuel core as per human technology, rather it is powered by Soul- Fusion technomancy (The CND Logo has been painted on by support Crew to mock Earth Mech pilots). A Pilots soul will power the mech for up to 1 year, exertion such as combat or self repair rapidly depletes this time frame leaving visible signs of physical degradation. Organic batteries (human sacrifices) can remove the leeching effect temporarily but piloting the mech is effectively a martyrdom. The memories and experiences of every pilot the mech bonds with are absorbed along with its life-force. In this way even "green" recruits are instant combat veterans.







tooled for up close and personal


Photo set here

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