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Hello fellow lego'ers I'm new here and found you searching for Lego themed tattoos more seeing if my tattooist had used mine online.

I'm also how shall i put this ..... erm not the best on computers and as such would like to be told how I can share my picture with you (i have searched but cant seem to find what i think i need)too see what you think :).

I have been a big fan of Lego since the 80's and have recently introduced my little boy too the world of Lego (he's now 4 and given up eating the bricks

Although his sister is at the age of eating)

I'm a keen follower of motor sport which influenced my first Lego tattoo massively, due to space requirements in our growing home I have also reduced my Lego too small sets that me and my boy build and figures which are for now kept in my wardrobe :(

So that's me


Ha ha ha just as I'm about to post my first post I find the picture upload button, I will now post it in the right place

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To share pictures, you need to set up a Flickr (I need to set one up too :grin:) or find another website where you can put your pictures, and then insert the link into the "insert image" button. Welcome to Eurobricks!!!

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Welcome to Eurobricks, H_ero!

An alternative to Flickr is Brickshelf which is free.

But I prefer Flickr, because it has a much better interface, does the resizing of images for you, and allows for people to respond to your pictures.

There are other image hosting sites ( from Microsoft and Google), but these two are the most popular.

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