MOC: Sara Nitro 2.0

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A former Hero Factory scientist and the city's prominent supplier of explosives for every criminal who can affort her prices.

Once a human, a horrible lab accident caused by Xplode crippled her body and mind almost completely.Xplode took her to Von Nebula, who provided her with a new body. Now she provides her powerful explosives to every force, who wants to take down

Hero Factory.

But the most powerful ones are kept by herself, as she does some destruction for Von Nebula every now and then. Her blast armor and axe are filled with highly explosive Nitro-Glycerin, which makes her very difficult to arrest. Only a single touch is needed to let them explode and it is always guided away from her.



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Very simple, which i like. It seems like everyone these days needs to have accessories, weapons, and armor galore, but that is not true.

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