LDD Official Sets UPGRADE Report

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Everything listed here has been updated to LDD 4.3.9 / Brickset 2075


40192 - Ferrari 250 GTO

31028 - Sea Plane [Model A]

31028 - Sea Plane [Model B]

31028 - Sea Plane [Model C]

31030 - Red Go-Kart [Model A]

40121 - Painting Easter Eggs

10692 - Creative Bricks [Model A]

10693 - Creative Supplement [Model E]

10694 - Creative Supplement Bright [Model D]

10694 - Creative Supplement Bright [Model E]

10695 - Creative Building Box [Model C]

10695 - Creative Building Box [Model F]

10696 - Medium Creative Brick Box [Model A]

10696 - Medium Creative Brick Box [Model H]

10698 - Large Creative Brick Box [Model I]

31037 - Adventure Vehicles [Model A]

31037 - Adventure Vehicles [Model B]

31039 - Blue Power Jet [Model A]

10697 - Large Creative Box [Model E]

40138 - Christmas Train

40139 - Gingerbread House

40125 - Santa's Visit

31042 - Super Soarer [Model A]

31042 - Super Soarer [Model B]

31042 - Super Soarer [Model C]

31044 - Park Animals [Model A]

31044 - Park Animals [Model C]

31045 - Ocean Explorer [Model A]

31045 - Ocean Explorer [Model B]

31045 - Ocean Explorer [Model C]

31046 - Fast Car [Model A]

31046 - Fast Car [Model B]

31046 - Fast Car [Model C]

31047 - Propeller Plane [Model A]

31047 - Propeller Plane [Model B]

31047 - Propeller Plane [Model C]

31048 - Lakeside Lodge [Model A]

31048 - Lakeside Lodge [Model B]

31048 - Lakeside Lodge [Model C]

31050 - Corner Deli [Model A]

31050 - Corner Deli [Model B]

31050 - Corner Deli [Model C]

10702 - Creative Building Set [Model A]

10702 - Creative Building Set [Model G]

10702 - Creative Building Set [Model H]

10702 - Creative Building Set [Model I]


I also took the opportunity to make some more daft comments in the linked entries (mainly the Creator ones), go and look at them if you're bored maybe


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Did some playing around in LDD and came up with a new brick-built substitution for some BIONICLE elements (specifically, x1190 and 45274) that I liked better than my previous version, due to better resembling the overall shape of the original element.  Therefore...

Updated to LDD 4.3.10:

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Important note:

Please avoid to add entries to an existing post: in the better case I could miss the addition and the index will be not updated, in the worst that force me to check again all the models because I don't remember which ones I've already updated.


Could you provide me a zippack with the updated models?

Edited by Calabar

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