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Summer of Friends Building Contest: Winners!

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Summer of Friends Building Contest Winners!


And the winners are:

tn_gallery_15845_220_11306.jpg tn_gallery_15845_221_9140.jpg tn_gallery_15845_222_18802.jpg tn_gallery_15845_223_59567.jpg tn_gallery_15845_224_62241.jpg

Category 1 (Vehicles): The Friend Ship - Oky

Category 2 (Rooms): Marie's Bricklink Office - mordatre

Category 3A (Cross Over 16x16): Baby Rock Monster Nursery - Ninja Nin (Action)

Category 3B (Cross Over 32x32): Spinel Fox - The Pink Faerie Fox - Siercon & Coral (Historica)

Category 4 (Animals): Pet Wash - Leela

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