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Drakrydar, Home of the Dragons

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Drakrydar is a Guild that lays between the continents of Historica and Eilandica.

It is famous for it's dragons and dragonriders.

Leader: Dragonius Drakrydar XXV


Capital: Otherworldar

Colours: Red & Green


Typical citizens of Drakrydar:


(note: even it is almost always peace in Drakrydar, the citizens are always fully equipped when walking around. This to show that they are real Dragonriders)



(The square with Red & Green is the capital, the green squares are major cities, the red squares are minor towns)

Climate: Even it is surrounded by ice and snow, the island of Drakrydar has a very moderate micro-climate. There is a lot of green grass and vegetation as there is a lot of rainfall. Neverthless it everyday warm due the huge amount of dragons flying around and the numerous vulcano's.


The first habitants of Drakrydar were colonists from nowadays Atlarka thousands and thousands years ago. Mostly raiders who set up small campments to survive upcomming storms and winters. Soon they discovered that these lands had something strange as there were a lot of green lands while it was located in the upper North. It didn't lasted long before they saw mystically things flying in the air, breathing fire. Curious about this, the settlers scouted the area and discovered the first dragon nests. Luckily for them, the dragons were as curious about these invaders as they were about the dragons and the first contacts were peaceful.

Further north, the scouts discovered another green valley with a big sweet lake in it and thousands dragons flying around it. They also discovered big amounts of cows, sheeps, horses, ... . So they decided to build a settlement the place they arrived at the lake. They called it Otherworldar as it was an other world in their eyes. A world they never dared to even dream of!

Soon word spread out allover the Baridi Islands and other raiders and farmers decided to try their luck here. Small campments were founded. It was in these period that the first brave northmen tried to ride the dragons. In the beginning, a lot of brave men died and only a few successed in "flying". But as ages passed by, the fathers learned it to their sons and after a few centuries, every adult had it's own dragon.



(The first steps of a Dragonrider, painted by Dralegon The Smart)

It was in the darkest hours of Islandica and Historica when the habitants decided to unite the different clans under one banner. At that moment there were 2 important families: the Dragorex and the Drakrydar. They fought a war for the power, which the Drakrydar won. The Guild of Drakrydar was a fact.

Some members of the Dragorex family could escape on their dragons and fled to Historica. Rumours says these were the ancestors of the current Lord of Avalonia: Artorius Rex.

After the unification of Drakrydar, times of peace began without many important things to notice.

But it was also in this time that the Big Catastrophe happened. A chain of vulcanoes in the Southern Islands erupted, vanishing all these islands from the map. Only a few could escape to the west.

Drakrydar & Historica

Almost all dragons in Historica have their origins in Drakrydar. As the distance between the 2 places is relatively short, the dragons can easily fly to Historica.

Not only the dragons are Drakrydars most famous export product, also these famous people:

  • Artorius Rex and his Dragons, Lord of Avalonia
  • Gabriel Dragonrydaar, an Alleenridder and Knight of Mpya Stedor
  • The Dragons from Dragonpeak in Nocturnus are related to those of Drakrydar.
  • Some do believe that the people from the Dragonpeak in Nocturnus are the descendants of those who could escape the Big Catastrophe of the Southern Island. This could explain how they could get so easily along with the Dragons.

Drakrydar was always a neutral Guild in the politics of Historica, but the current king, King Dragonius Drakrydar XXV broke with the past. He is preparing his army of Dragonriders to fly to Historica to help the 4 Guild in their war against Victor Revolword.

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Nice entry Damaximus! I like your figs and the idea of a dragon riding guild is neat :thumbup:

The colors green and red works well too, quite different from any of the existing guilds :classic:

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It's nice to see someone reviving the dragon standard - one of my favorites. I like the dragon rider concept, and the great clash between the two houses. I also like the idea of other islands/continents around Historica that are as yet unexplored or lost in legend. Nice map as well!

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Dragonriders.....ahhh the possibilites! What a great concept, and how much fun that could be to build!

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Yes, we like dragonriders! Arial cavalry could be very useful against Victor. I am very happy to learn where Ximus is, too. I really like the old school figures, the primary colours really stand out in the days of neutral tones. Your vig is really funny, I think he might need a bigger chicken.

Good luck!


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A very interesting backstory, DaMaximus, especially the links to Historica. Nice map too, although i find Eilandica rather confusing! I do like the idea of dragonriders, best of luck in the judging! :classic:

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