How about a Train Tech Community Build?

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Wouldn't it be nice to do a themed community build, something fun and enjoyable for everyone, not just us Train Techies.

My thought would be to combine trains with another theme that doesn't seem "train friendly". My favorite non-Train theme is still Star Wars so I'd love to go that route.

Next we'd need catagories. I'd suggest 3:

Complete Trains: Requires one Locomotive and at least 4 bits of rolling stock following a singular theme, imagine a Bounty Hunter Train with Boba Fett Loco and Cars for other Bounty zhunters.

Stations: Take an iconic location and theme a train station on it, imagine Death Star Central Station.

Trackside Structures & Maintenance of Way: This would encompass all of the misc things we see everyday that get taken for granted, imagine an Endor Level Crossing.

What would it take to make this happen?

I'd be willing to volunteer my time to organize/manage this if we could do it...

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I might be interested in a community SW rail build......Jar Jar - The Tanked Engine with The Darth Controller ! :roflmao:

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