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The Elder Bricks: Skyrim

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This is my first topic, the one I introduced myself in aside, so I hope I'm in the right category here...^^;

I'm building a few...uhm...builds for an upcoming brick film I want to shoot, based on the video game "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim". None too big (as I'm simply missing the parts), but I think they're likeable. Depending on what I'll need for my film I'll maybe add some more. Instead of going for a great amount of detail I tried to keep things relatively simple and capture that classic Lego charme. I hope you enjoy the outcome:


The Dragonborn and Lydia fending off a dragon


Our heroes: The Dragonborn, sporting a custom torso decal and his trusty Housecarl Lydia.


An Arcane Enchanter


Farengar Secret-Fire standing next to it. (He doesn't sport a hood since I don't have a blue one and don't want to paint one of my black ones)


An Alchemy Lab


A necromancer or Black Mage standing next to it, ready to brew a deadly poison.

cx7cpzvu9lh8c7j20cg_thumb.jpg ovjxv95guje1voinid92_thumb.jpg 2diimqlxnf655xsp905l_thumb.jpg z1ur1f9799ncajz4tssp_thumb.jpg

A dragon, pieced together from mostly Bionicle parts. Might still be subject to some tweaking and polishing.

Feedback and your overall thoughts on those would be much appreciated! :classic:

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