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Filter Bricks by Boxes seems broken in 2.4.5

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New user, first post, obligatory apologies if already answered, couldn't find existing post... :)

My son is using LDD 2.4.5. There is a button for "Filter Bricks by Boxes" which appears not to work, let alone work as the Help page describes. It brings up a submenu which sometimes just has "LDD" in it and other times has "LDD" and "Mindstorm". My expectation would be that one would get a menu of existing boxed Lego sets one can/has purchased in stores.

From what I can tell from web-searches, the functionality has varied from version to version, and it relates the .lif files and the palettes directory (which we don't have).

Anyone have a clue?

Thanks so much,


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I imagine you mean LDD 4.2.5, the last version.

About the "Filter by box" function, it allows to have in the palette only the bricks necessary to build a specific sets, and in the right quantity.

Unfortunately this is possible only with few sets included in LDD, and it is not possible (for now, at least) to add other sets, a function that would be very appreciated by many users, including me.

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