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The Trashcan's Trading Thread

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Hello EB.

I am a keen trader here on EB, probably due to the fact that I have a strong dislike to BrickLink's format.

These are some of the things I have to trade:

1 x Quinjet Poly MISP

1 x Thor Poly MISP (Pending)

Box of random Bionicle Parts

1 x Old Stan Shunpike

1 x Old version of Hagrid

1 x New Version of Hagrid

1 or 2 x Olympic Runner Minifig CMF

1 X CMF Scientist

1 x Mini Sopwith Camel Open in Good Condition.

1 x Brickarms 24k Gold Plated M16-AGL

NOTE: Still on edge with a few such as Stan, Old Hagrid, Sopwith but am willing to let them go for the right stuff.








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