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Lasse D

New 7 studs wide race car

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indexed.gif V-LV-06F

I started building this kind of race cars back in 2002 with the yellow Jaguar like race car. Using some stickers from the Shell promotional Ferrari F1 racer, I made a Ferrari in this style. It had a major update back in 2004, but I can now see that the only picture I have of that version is this one where you can barely see the car and the big change, which was a removable engine cover in Le Mans style can't be seen at all.

Now the good old Ferrari has been completely rebuilt using some quite alternative building techniques. I'm always trying to make new designs. This one is quite experimental

frontdown19.jpg_thumb.jpg frontdown17.jpg_thumb.jpg

The exhaust system is also quite untraditional


The engine cover is taken off

engine16.jpg_thumb.jpg engine13.jpg_thumb.jpg

The driver now sits on something - some earlier cars didn't have anything beneath the driver in order to save weight and height!

top12.jpg_thumb.jpg flatrear23.jpg_thumb.jpg

You might have observed that I have "cheated" with the bricks in some places:

  • It is normally only hinge plates with 3 fingers that can hold a hinge control stick, so you will need to use force in order to make it stick to a hinge plate with 2 fingers as I have done in order to make the front lights.
  • The front is only pushed 2/5studs forward compared to the base plate while the sides are connected using half-stud techniques. This gives a difference of 1/10stud which I had to compensate for with the 1x1 round brick seen in the last picture.
  • The exhaust system has been made by forcing a Technic Pin 1/2 in to hold everything together.


The Brickshelf gallery is:

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You might have observed that I have "cheated" with the bricks in some places

Tut, tut, tut. ;-)

Nice MOC though. I particularly like the engine.

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Very clever designed! *y*

Change the color to black :-P and Sonny Crockett would love it. Cool!

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Thanks for the replies.

I also think it would look very nice in all black, but the I would loose the contrast and Ferrari-bricks that makes it look "Ferrari-like". Without the contrast in the engine cover and rear, the whole rear end would simply be too plain which doesn't match with the front - it's already on the edge by having so plain sides between the wheels, but I do like the Ferrari Testarossa-like grills. I'm happy about the comment about the engine. It had to be in this design because I use it to hold the sides, but I guess it's perfect because the Testarossa actually did have a V8 boxer engine!

As said, this car is very experimental. The front lights are not meant to look as if separated from the body, but I'm not sure I have achieved that effect. It's a shame that the hinge control sticks don't come in red and that the Ferrari stickers are of such low quality. For some reason, some stickers just peel off while others hold for a life time.

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