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MOD: 5 Modded sets in giant pirate island hideout

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Hey guys, wanted to show you my recent MOD. It is made from several sets which separate into three parts as can be seen below. I tried to maintain the original structures of the original sets, just 'pimping' them up with Pirate gear !! Would love your opinions on Modding other Lego sets and integrating them into the Pirate theme !!

1. Modified Paradisa Dolphin Point completed at the top with parts from the Forest Cabin


2. Parts from Sabre Island and Imperial trading post to make this little fort. The tower is angled using the Pythagoras theorem technique.



The two connect (32x32 + 32x32) to look like this:


3. Parts from Forbidden Island (the main body), Smugglers' Shanty and the Black Pearl (the hull) make this beautiful shipwreck island.





4. All three connect to make this gigantic island hideout !!

(32x32 + 32x32) make the one half and (32x32) + (4x(16x16)



Back and Front


Top View

Hope you enjoy.

I know it looks a little bit.. childish .. and has no snotting or whatever, but I don't want it to look 'professional' :)

Comments appreciated !

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I love it, it feels so right. It reminds me of why I love the classic pirates line :)

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LOVE the shipwreck island! :pir-cry_happy:

Me too! I love the whole feel of it but I especially love the shipwreck idea! Infact you have inspired me to remove all of my pirate sets from their display cases and make a large table top display! :pir-sweet:

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Picture 2 Is Lovely !!!

I really like that set, even the SURP looks good on it there!

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