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Hello from Greece,Eurobricks!

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Hello everyone!My name is konstantinos (or kostis) and i'm from Greece.Strange i know but hey,i found my way!I'm a customizer (i started with lego,got into minimates and went back into lego),a collector (minimates,lego,videogames...)a gamer (ps2,ps3,gaming pc,psp,ds,xbox360...) and a brickfilmer.As a kid i always liked comic books and lego but it was hard to find them here in Greece.To tell the long story short i dropped lego because of the high prices (buzz's spaceship costs 80 euros here) and got into minimates.I started brickfilming this summer (i bought a new dslr camera,the newest photoshop and other programs) and saw that doing it with minimates would result in me paying triple since i had to buy both minimates and lego sets for the scenery.Now that i found bricklink i am more than happy.The prices are awesome and you can find everything you want.So i am back into lego!I am looking forward to the super heroes sets,the rumoured tmnt series and everything lego has in store.My channel in youtube is called darthkostis and you can subscribe if you want.There are only test movies there so they ain't that exciting but i'm writting the script for a batman film right now.The more subscribers the better,right?I have 4 questions though:

1)The prices in bricklink include shipping or do you pay more in the checkout section?I ask because i use a prepaid card (i'm not 18 yet) and i have to insert the money before i make my purchase.

2)The photo i uploaded doesn't show next to my profile name.Any explanation?

3)When i click my name it says that i don't have permission to view it.I can only change my setting by quickly clicking the settings tab under my name.Why is this happening?

4)Also i can't put a pic in my signature.I uploaded it to flickr,coppied the url in the right spot but it gives me an error message.Help?

I look forward to meeting you all!!!

PS:It said that you have to be mature and around 18 to enter (i'm 15).Is there any problem with that?I hope not because i'd really like to be part of this community and i have experience from other boards.

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You can't do those things because you must reach 10 posts. Welcome to EB!

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