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Ezvid Freeware Screen Recorder And Video Editor

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Here's an option to show LDD software problems (and solutions) -- Ezvid Freeware Screen Recorder And Video Editor. It works on any Windows platform. Instead of just showing a static photograph of Lego Digital Designer (LDD) "clashes" and software problems, you can make a video of your LDD screen IN ACTION to better demonstrate the problem. This YouTube video shows how it works -- the software is free to download and "spyware free and adware free":

For example, AFOLs like bbqqq could demonstrate LDD collisions like this in a YouTube video:


Here is an example of what could be done -- a YouTube video about the "LEGO Digital Designer 4.2 Bug Report" by Mikal7 (recommend clicking on this link and viewing it Full Screen to see the problems described below):



LEGO Digital Designer 4.2


Program Crash [after action initiation]


Connect Technic Brick (i.e. Part# 6541) to Knobbed Brick 1x1 (i.e. part# 4733) end-to-end (i.e. not one on top/bottom, but side-to-side), fitting 'knob' from part# 4733 into Technic Brick. Then Multi-Select both bricks and attempt to move the group. This will cause a program crash.


- For the Technic Bricks 1x2 and 1x4, even with the 1x2 plate bricks with the middle knob, the program will not let you place the knobbed brick.

- I checked all over for a "Bug Report" link, or something similar, but could not find one. I hope this reaches the appropriate people, and that this issue will be resolved soon. Not having access to the combination of these two brick-types is a severe handicap to the LEGO enthusiast community that uses LEGO Digital Designer to create instructions to custom designs.

- Thanks for producing such a great product that is so intuitive and useful. I really appreciate all the work the people at LEGO and its affiliates put into each one of their products, and I hope that this bug report is able to aid them in their continued delivery of excellent customer service and quality products."

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It also works with other Lego Cad tools too if you need to share any tips of if you are needing help with a project.

I made a quick video.

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In case Mikal7 finds his way over to this Eurobricks topic, his problem with Lego Technic Bricks has already been reported (and acknowledged) as a known problem with LDD 4.2.5: . His YouTube video made it more clear than just words and pictures, however!


AndyC explained why LDD has a problem with it: "Strictly speaking it's what TLG call "out of system" and is often referred to by AFOLs as an illegal building technique. There is a very slight height difference between the stud on the side of the brick and the hole in a Technic brick which means the top and bottom of the bricks are slightly out of line. The consequence of this is that using it in a model can place the bricks under undesirable levels of stress and potentially damage parts.

It's unfortunate that LDD crashes when you do this, but the correct behaviour* would actually be for LDD to prohibit this type of connection entirely, so "fixing" the bug probably isn't going to help you anyway.

*strictly speaking it can be a legal technique as long as nothing is connected above or below and it is only a single stud, but that's an extremely uncommon scenario anyway"

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