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Hovel of the Bride

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Well hello everyone,

Back from a little break I came back with a small Islander MOC :kahuka:

After I saw Mariko's hut and statue I decided I wanted to build something similar.

In mind I kept the idea Islanders just stack stones and wood and cover it up with leaves.

I didn't use SNOT techniques but neither I stacked them right on each other.

Well then a little story about the Hovel:

King kahuka came up with a hunt to find a match for his daugther.

Kahuka launched a hunt, the man that comes back with the largest Eatable animal would win the hand of his daugther.

Here a small picture of some hunters coming back from the hunt, too bad with Nearly empty hands....


(Notice the Axe King kahuka has, the blade is made of Solid magma)




I hope you guys like this little Hovel.



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Very creative idea and I like the story that goes with it. Islander MOCs are always fun! :kahuka:

PS: That VOC coin is incredible!

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Nicely done, maybe make it a little bit higher ?

Thanks Sebeus!

Well, it could have been built a little higher indeed.

Tough I already broke it down already.

Im planning to build a larger Islander MOC soon!



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