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HI from Bristol UK !

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Hi Guys,

Just joined the eurobricks !

My name is Rafal, and I'm a massive fan of Lego (like probaby everybody here), love football too!

I'm living in Bristol UK. I'm a member of Brickset and Bricklink for quiet a while. Just opened my store on Bricklink and had few recent sales !

Same User name on all sites.

I'm mainly interested in the Superheroes, Pirates (ships mainly), and I like some chellenging large sets like Tower Bridge and Death Star.

Out of the dark ages for around 1.5 year.

Just got my old staff when I was 7-15 from Poland, and tried to clean it up and sorted, might sell some bits and pieces as well.

Have got plenty of sets for sale as well ! so if you are a fan of pirates, star wars or minifigs ! contact me and we can sort some trade or sale !

looking forward to be the part of you community !

all the best !



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Welcome to Eurobricks! I know Bristol is a port England? I (kind of) remember it from Treasure Island, but I read that a long time ago :laugh:

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