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Very Rare Samsonite & European old LEGO parts

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I just put an rather odd assortment of quite rare LEGO parts onto Ebay....

This group consists of 4 items....

1) a 1955-57 trans-clear half circle macaroni brick only ever found in 1 parts pack (#1223), and only sold in Denmark, Norway and Sweden for a short time.

2) a very unusual 4x6 black plate made out of a different plastic than either Cellulose Acetate or ABS plastic. It has a pearly black finish, and has non-italics font that is sideways. Not sure of the source of this unusual part, just found it one day in my collection of old LEGO (of which I have a LOT!)... it has Pat. Pend. underneath.

3) a 2x4 green Cellulose Acetate plate sold only in USA/Canada from 1963-65... has Pat. Pend. underneath.

4) a 2x4 Maersk blue brick (MINT). The 2x4 Maersk blue brick was introduced in 2004 in the 10152 Maersk Sealand Ship set. The bricks had cross supports. This brick does NOT, so it dates it to the 1980s, likely an early Model Shop part that got out....

All 4 rare items $13.

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