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This is really my first attempt as such a thing. I suppose it’s more of a vignette than a MOC, but I just needed a change of pace and really wanted to mess around with the lighting. In the scene are a few of my “Prince of Persia” figures which I’ve been saving to make into Barbary Pirates. They are sitting around a campfire near the beach planning their next move. The one on the left in the turban is holding a map, but I’m not sure it came out well. The whole thing is lighted with LED flash lights. One shines from underneath through the red coals, while the other is in my hand with a blue gel over it. I took a lot of shots, but only got two I was really happy with. I welcome input from those with experience in this sort of thing, lighting Legos that is. It was a rather impromptu project but I thoroughly enjoyed the experiment, and am enthused to refine my technique for future attempts.






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Haha looks great!

A very familiar design, I used this too a while ago.

And with that comes my tip: I used a small Fake tealight that simulates the flames because it flickers.

It will look even more realistic when you use those!

In addition, these tealights are very small and thus very easy to work with in small mocs.

let me show you a Pic of the thing:




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I think you did good! If you really want to get good pictures of night-scenes, you need a good refolex camera on a stable tripod with the possibility of taking pictures with a prolonged exposure time without blurring the picture. I for myself don't have that kind of money (as those cameras tend to be a low prio investment) and I rely on manipulation in order to get night-like looking results. If you have a good photo-manipulation program I'd suggest you take a pic at normal conditions and change the histographic stats into having less gamma and reduced maximal output for the brightness of the picture.

But anyway - I like your pictures the way they are. If you're not yet using a tripod, get yourself one and try it with one of them!

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Thanks for the kind words guys. Yeah Bjornu, I've seen those some where before, when next I come across em I'll have to pick a few up. As you can see the flash lights are great because they are so bright, but they're bulky too.

I kept playing with the theory on a different moc, of a smithy for my black smith mini- figure. While at it, I found some settings on my camera which allowded me to get better low ligt shots, but ultimately if I had the money for a fancy camera I would have blown it on bricks a long time ago :D

You can see some of the improved quality in these shots I grabbed for my new avatar. I figured, since I plan to change my sig-fig in the future why not put my black smith up for a while since I am one.




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What a beautiful picture!

I really like this scenery.

Perhaps a redcoat/bluecoat smith MOC or vignette in the future ?

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