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LDD MOC: GG-1 Electric Locomotive

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I built the Black 'N' Red GG-1 using several ideas floating around on the Net. However, I couldn't think of a single pantograph design that looked good enough. I eventuallly found on I liked in set 10183, Hobby Trains. One of the models had the design I liked, so I used it. Then I decided to make a PRR color scheme for the loco. I haven't done it in real life, (yet!) but trust me, it's buildable. Anyway, without further ado, here is the story of engine 4939 / 7597:

This GG-1 electric locomotive was built in 1943 by Altoona Works as unit 4939 for the Pennsylvania Railroad. When that railroad merged with New York Central in 1968, the ensuring legal nightmare concerned with the merger (& the subsequent Penn Central bankruptcy) caused the engine to be "lost" in the paperwork. After being stored for 20 years in a shed on a branch line in New York, the engine was located by a local railroad club, and restored to working order. As the engine was owned by a defunct railroad, it was sold at auction by the club to Brick Railway Systems, who had bought 12 other GG-1's from Altoona in 1943. The engine was taken apart into 3 sections and shipped to Brick Railway. It started work in 1989, was repainted into the classic Brick Railway black / red color scheme, and was renumbered 7597, to better fit with the other GG-1 locomotives.


The engine in it's second paint scheme, dating from 1955. Unfortunatly, the earlier paint scheme from 1943 - 1955, is unknown, as the engine's paperwork was lost/ destroyed in the Penn Central fiasco.


The single broad stripe shceme from the 1950's.

(I really want to make a Dark Green GG-1 but some parts aren't avalible. :cry_sad: )


The cramped cabin of the GG-1. The other end sports a counterpart cabin as well.


This picture is from the GG-1 homepage, and modified by me.


The 1989 standard Brick Railways paint scheme.


Look at the colors! It's like a rainbow with all those wonderful colors! :sarcasm_smug:


The cramped cabin in BR colors.


The 2x4 red tiles are supposed to be this piece.


The same picture in Brick Railway colors.


All together now! Both engines side by side, as in the LXF.

GG-1 LXF download

And, if your curious about the GG-1, or the Non-Lego photos I used, visit this helpful website. Yes, it was last updated in 2002, but it has a ton of info on this wonderful locomotive... along with a bunch of pictures and inspiration.

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I think you have done a very fine job building this locomotive in a way that is both loyal to its design and in line with other Lego designs. Well, your next challenge will be to motorise it with power functions. :sweet:

A while ago I was myself toying with the idea of building the GG1 with the old 12V motors from my childhood. My idea was to try and make overhead cables and use the pantograph to take the current down to the motors, so that it could run on the new tracks with the PF trains. Just a crazy idea - perhaps one day when I have the time. :blush:

I'm looking forward to seeing your completed construction in action.


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@ Nix Mills: Thank you for your comment! I wish I could make it PF ready, but I would need to cheat & make a add-on coach with the motor inside. Sadly, the wheels on the actual engine won't allow me to make it Power Functions, 9V or anything but hand powered, as it doesn't have enough room for a PF battery box, 9V doesn't have the right wheel arrangment, and 12V is too expensive. As to building this in real life, I have finished the black & red one, but the Pennsylvania Railroad livery is going to be a while... got to finish my 4-4-0 steam engine first!

Anyway, thanks for your ideas!

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Nice work, Murdoch! The GG-1 has always been one of my favorite locomotive designs, and my favorite electric locomotive of all time.

The design you used is very accurate, but somewhat different than what I used for my GG-2 variant (basically an futuristic GG-1), but really nice.

I like the Brick Railways color scheme.

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