Digital designer: Messed Up Graphics.

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Hi, I'm new to the forums, and I have a HUGE problem with Lego Digital Designer. The screen becomes messed up and the colors are incorrect. I really need help with this! im not sure about the drivers, But heres my specs.

OS: Windows xp home edition 5.1

Service packs: Service pack 3

Memory: 4 GB DDR2

Processor: AMD quad core phenom X64

Graphics Card: ATI Radeon Prenium Graphics :sad:

Thank you.

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"Messed up" and "incorrect colours"...hmm, strange. :wacko: Could you post some screenshots?

EDIT: Also, are you running LDD 4.2.5?

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I haven't used LDD in a while, but I wouldn't advise using it on an XP computer. I would upgrade to Windows 7 to improve the graphics. This would probably change a lot for you.

I at first installed it on a Windows XP, but it didn't work, so I left it until I upgraded to Windows 7, when I installed it.

Try updating the graphics driver, and also Direct X. :sceptic:

I'm not too hopeful about these working though. :sceptic:

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I didn't find it any different on windows XP compared to windows 7, but i noticed that when i run LDD on onboard graphics (with advanced graphics on - visible bevels), LDD (or graphics) starts to "loose" icons in the palette and parts on the model (but only visually...). If i save the file, reopen LDD, everything is still there (again, for a while...).

Tested on:

- Intel HD3000 (notebook - i7 sandy bridge) - after a while, artifacts start to show up, stuff missing from the GUI etc... LDD sometimes crashes afterwards.

- Intel HD4000 (desktop - i7 ivy bridge) - same as above

- Ati Radeon HD3870 (desktop) - works fine

- Ati Radeon HD7870 (desktop) - works fine

- Geforce GT555M (notebook) - works fine

I tried to turn off the advanced graphics on the in proc graphics (Intel HD) on notebook and desktop, which actually makes things work (no crashes, no "lost items").

My conclusion (from the couple of possibilities that i had the oportunity to test at home) is, that onboard (or in proc) graphics just don't cut it, when it comes to advanced shading models... Either buy a graphics card (no matter which, even a 20€ 4+ yrs old graphics card like 3870, is better then the built in graphics card in a 250-300€ processor), or use LDD without the shaders.

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