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REVIEW: 7049 Alien Striker


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Welcome everyone!

For my next review, will you kindly sit still for a moment. Checking settings....... OK, may I kindly present to you:


That's right, and I have a lot to show you today.

Set Name and Number: 7049 Alien Striker

Theme: Alien Conquest

Pieces: 42

Year: 2011

Minifigures: 2

MSRP: US $4.99

DE €3.99

UK £3.49

AU $6.00

Alright, let's get started!

Box Pic


Thanks to Bricklink for supplying this awesome picture of the box. You get some pretty high action here. An Alien Defense Unit character is fighting some Alien pilot.

The Minifigs


Here we have our real life figs. Each one still looks pretty cool, and I love that space helmet. The alien isn't really my favorite detail-wise, but it will work.


The ADU service worker has a scared face as well.


Only back printing on the ADU guy! Why Lego, why!? The alien would have been much better with back printing on him, so that will effect the finalized score. :hmpf_bad:


One of the best parts of this set is the gun! :wub: Ahh.. the detail makes me go crazy!


As does the helmet! Below is a back view as well.


The back view of the helmet is spectacular as well, with so much detail.


Here is a side view of the helmet, and I think it looks cool as well. Once again, detail definitely comes into play here.


This ADU guy looks pretty bold doesn't he? I love this expression, and his scared face can be viewed below.


The poor guy looks like he just saw an alien.....

The instructions and build



Here are the front and inside of the instructions, there is a nice action shot on the front, and a cool checklist for all of the sets.


The first steps are always the minifigures, so let us look at the first step. It is pretty easy to differentiate colors and pieces.

The Build

Steps 1 and 2.


Here the build just starts with a simple three bricks

Step 3.


Here the lime green pieces are covered by pieces used to hold the purple studs and a translucent yellow cone.

Step 4.


Note that there are two pieces preparing for a SNOT technique.

Step 5.


Here you can see that the build has really began to take place. We have added purple studs :wub: Oh, and trans-blue studs too.

Step 6.


More purple studs!!!!!

Step 7.


Now we add the trans-yellow cones.

Step 8.


Next we add some grey clips, that aren't really used for anything in the build.

Step 9.


Next, we add lime-green tiles, with one stud to hold the joysticks.

Step 10.


We now add two slanted gutter pieces. The build is really coming along.

Step 11.


More lime-green, and we begin our SNOT techniques, and add the driving joysticks.

Step 12.


The build is now finished. It is very marvelous all together. Here is a view with the alien inside of it.


He looks comfortable, and with a stylish ride like that, he is sure to win over some people's hearts. I'm pretty convinced with him.

Finally, here are views of the alien sitting on the ship (side and back views), and next to the ship.


The side view is interesting, as you can see how the space ship looks at an angle in which you can't see the alien's feet. Overall, because of that, it is my favorite view.


I think the back view is cool. There is a scaled picture of the alien.

Notice the clips. While I am not sure what they are for, I believe that they could be used as a weapon holder. Also, I love the detail of the blue exhaust. It adds to the detail, which raises the score of the set.


Doesn't the alien look so happy next to his high tech spaceship? With the joysticks, it is almost half his height!

The Verdict:

Parts: 9/10- Sure, they might not be exciting, but we do get a cool new gun, helmet, and alien head, plus purple studs!!!!!!!!! :wub:

Minifigs: 9/10- The alien is a bit strange head-wise, and he doesn't have back printing, but our ADU specialist makes up for that!

Price: 8/10- We are getting a good amount of pieces for a five dollar set, so even though it isn't an amazing deal, it is pretty good.

Playability: 8/10- There aren't a lot of ideas that someone can use with this set,(other than an alien invasion) unless you have other sets from the theme. But since there are a lot of other alien themes, I guess you could mix them.

Build: 6/10- There honestly wasn't anything that exciting besides the SNOT technique, so it gets a 6.

Overall:40/50 Not bad for a small set, it couldv'e been a bit better, but overall, I'm impressed.

Fun Stuff


"I wouldn't call that inner beauty......."

"Shut up and marry me you puny earthling! You proposed and I said yes!"

"But that was when you had a human face, and I didn't know that you were an alien!"

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