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REVIEW: 8805 Collectible Minifigures Series 5


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  1. 1. What Grade Does 8805 LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 5 deserve?

    • "A" 92% or higher
    • "B" 82-92%
    • "C" 72-82%
    • "D" 60-72%
    • "F" Lower than 60%
  2. 2. Who wins the most detailed?

    • Cavewoman- Back Print
    • Lumberjack- Back and Arm Print
    • Evil Dwarf- Torso Print
    • Gladiator Arm Print
    • Boxer (Not Mentioned)- Reversible Head
  3. 3. Most Stylish Woman?

    • Cavewoman
    • Egyptian Queen
  4. 4. Best Dressed Man?

    • Snowboarder Guy
    • Small Clown

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Hello everyone! For my first review, I will review set 8805 Collectible Minifigures Series 5.

Set Number and Name: 8805 Collectible Minifigures Series 5

Theme: Collectible Minifigures

Year: 2011

Pieces: 105 for each figure counted once

Minifigs: 16

Price: $2.99 USD, $1.92 GBP, $3.05 CAD, $2.99 AUD, $2.35 EUR

I now bring you all the packet view for the Series. The packets are opaque, light blue, and must be identified by feel method or bump codes on the back.


The checklist is also light blue, and the order I will review the minifigs will be in pamphlet order.


Here is the reverse view of the pamphlet.


1. The Graduate


The Graduate here seems really excited to finally recieve his diploma. I mean, he has gone through twelve grueling years of school. :tongue:

The disappointing thing is, I had to go to a store that labels the packets to get him, then, when I went to Toys' R' Us, I found hundreds of him! :thumbdown:

Piece Assortment


Here are all of of the pieces together. Note that the hat is new.

2. The Gladiator


The Gladiator is wearing a brand-new exclusive helmet, which is an amazing piece, as well as his new sword. He also has side printing on the arms and legs, shown below.


Here is the back of the helmet as well.


Piece Assortment


Here you can see the face more clearly. The shield is bland but still usable.

3. The Royal Guard


This stern guard is surely going to make you think twice about messing with him. I believe that he is very close to the real-life guard, so I am excited to have this figure.

Piece Assortment


Here, you can see that the chinstrap goes to the top of the head, and a clearer view of his hat.

4. The Ice Fisherman


Here is the freezing man himself, but he is definitely excited for his amazing catch of the day. He definitely shows what I imagine when I think of an Eskimo. He even comes with a new hood that will be used in the 2012 Star Wars Advent Calendar.

Piece Assortment


There is nothing terribly exciting here. Just a better look at his parka hood.

5. The Cavewoman


This Cavewoman was all I was raving about when I first saw this series. Unfortunately, then, I didn't have her companion. Now I do, and they look gorgeous together.

Piece Assortment


Here, you can see her expression is saying "Really? Was that necessary, honey?" Her hair is new, and is a rubber, soft plastic piece. Below is a side view, and a back view to show her back printing, and the side of her hair and legs.




"I love you honey"

6. The Lizard Man


Grrrrr! This menacing monster is going to eat you! Or at least that's what he says at birthday parties. All jokes aside, this adorable minifigure is definitely a fan favorite. He is a great fig to own.

Piece Assortment


The mask and tail are new pieces, and I love how happy he is to be in the suit. Below are side and back views of the tail.



7. The Zookeeper


This kind woman is making sure that all of the animals in her zoo are all right.

Piece Assortment


There is nothing too exciting, just a recolored ponytail, and interesting prints. The banana is always good to have, and the monkey is amazing. Below is the zookeeper without the monkey, and a view of the monkey. She even has a "zoo" badge on her left shoulder.



8. The Lumberjack


Doesn't this kind lumberjack look so excited? Well, he is about to cut down his biggest tree yet.

Piece Assortment


Here, you can see his stubbled face, and notice that he comes with an axe. Below is a picture of his axe, side, back, and a picture with a shadowy face, but is meant to show a clearer torso.

The Axe


Side View


Back View


Torso Shot


9. The Small Clown


This Small Clown is a great companion for the S1 Clown. He looks more like a circus clown than the first clown, which is good, because I think that the first clown looks like a balloon-animal making clown.

Piece Assortment


The small clown comes with a new pie and a bowler hat. He also has green "kid legs" to make him short.

10. The Fitness Instructor


When I first saw this figure, I thought that she was slightly creepy. I felt ashamed when I had to buy a second one because the first one had a lot of printing problems.

Piece Asortment


I don't have much use for this minifigure, and it seems almost like a filler. It is a let-down in my opinion, but she can be used for some interesting pictures as shown closer to the end.

11. The Detective


Overall, I am slightly disappointed with this figure. I would have liked a little extra printing on him, but he is all right. Besides that, he looks like he is ready to solve any case thrown at him.

Piece Assortment


He has sideburns going all the way to the top of his head, and his magnifying glass isn't new, but still is useful.

12. The Evil Dwarf


This Evil Dwarf looks like he is ready for battle. He is fully equipped, and his lengthy beard makes everything more evil.

Piece Assortment


There are a lot of pieces in this one. They are all new to me, but the beard and the axe pieces. I would've preferred a new double axe piece, because this one looks uneven. Here is a look at his torso.


13. The Boxer


This Boxer is ready to knock the stuffing out of you! He is a great figure, and I bet most people love him, too.

Piece Assortment


Here are the Boxer's pieces; he has a new sparring helmet. The gloves are their own pieces, as well. Below is his dual expression, which is in case his match isn't so successful.

Dual Expression


14. The Egyptian Queen


This Egyptian beauty is a must-have for all minifigure collectors to own. She has a variety of new pieces and detail.

Piece Assortment


Her hairpiece is new, and she has a brand-new dress slope. She also comes with a snake, which I don't have many of, so that is welcomed.

15. The Gangster


This minifigure is dangerous during the night. :tongue: He is also full of detail, especially on the face, with some new parts here and there.

Piece Assortment


His violin case is new, and his prints are highly detailed. Other than that, I don't have much to say about him.

16. The Snowboarder Guy


This Snowboarder highly compliments the Series 3 one, and is a great figure to own.

Piece Assorthent


There aren't any new pieces, but all of the brand new prints are welcomed.

The Snowboard on its own


The Verdict

Design: "A" There are plenty of new designs, and they are great, too.

Playability: "B" If you don't have a set to go with it, or a corresponding minifig, it may be hard to play with.

Price: "A" The price is cheaper than the BAM at the LEGO store, so I am fine with it.

Overall: "A" This is an excellent set for a cheap budget, and I reccommend it to anyone and everyone.

Final Grade: The majority of my verdict Gives this set an "A" grade.

"The Figgy Awards"


Jessica: "Hello, I am Jessica Furnish, and this is Brad Roces, and welcome to the first ever 'Figgy Awards'!"

Brad: " Thanks, Jessica, let's start off with Most Detailed

J: "And the nominees are:


The Cavewoman, The Lumberjack, The Evil Dwarf, and the Gladiator! Vote now! Next, Best Dressed Female. The nominees are:


The Cavewoman and the Egyptian Queen!"


Leslie(The Fitness Dancer):"How come we aren't nominees?!

J: "Oh, puh-lease, you call that stylish?! Get out of here!"


B: "While they are fighting, let's meet our nominees for Best Dressed Male!"


"It's the Small Clown and the Snowboarder Guy!

And finally, the Best new Headgear section. the nominees involve all new head gears, except for two.


With honorable mentions, the Detective's cap, and the Royal Guard's helmet!



J:"And This concludes the first-ever Figgy awards! We'll see you next time!"


Edited by TrumpetKing67

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This is an excellent review of CMF series 5. :wink: It's been great "going on a journey" through the Reviewer's Acadmey together with you TrumpetKing.

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