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Quatros Forest Titan

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Welcome to my first MOC on Eurobricks! Please note that because I don't have MS paint I can't resize these pictures, so I just put in links. However, here's the MOC on MOCpages, where they are visible.

Name: Forest Titan

Race: Biomechanical lifeform

Title(s): The Towering Giant, The Tree-Toppler

Moc Status: Disassembled

This herbivore grazes among Quatros's dense forest, using its sucker-like mouth to vacuum-up grass. Using it's long legs it can rear up into the trees to eat leaves and branches.

This particular specimen has been infected by Witch Doctor and has been implanted with several spikes and a liquid-quaza launcher, which hits the target and forms a solid quaza spike, allowing Witch Doctor to control even more creatures.

It's nimble and multi-jointed forelimbs are it's main weapon when faced with an attack, as the tremendous weight of it's entire body can crush an attacking creature easily.

The complex patterns on the creatures chest are used for social displays and can change color to communicate. These creatures live in loose herds, gathering for migrations, which occur twice a year, once during the fall to move to their winter territory and once during the spring, to move back to their summer territory. While in their winter territory the creatures gather together to stay warm.

And now for some poses!

Trying to dance.

Facing off against a northern Fangz.

Same picture, from a side view.

C and C welcome!

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Very cool MOC!

Too bad the pictures are so large,I can't see the whole thing at once...

But other than that,this is great!

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Thank you! After dissasembling it I made a robotic T-rex out of it's parts, which I will post soon.

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