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FS: Star Wars, Emerald Night and more.

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Edited August 22 - ALL prices lowered.

Prices good for 30 days after last edit; after that, I reserve the right to re-evaluate offers.

Prices are the lowest North America Bricklink prices minus various amounts; the images link to the bricklink catalog. You can make offers, and I'm open to small discounts on multiple (but DIFFERENT) items. All items are New in Sealed Boxes.

Accepting TRADES... see follow up post.



10194 Emerald Night, $145 TRADED

Collectible Minifigures:


Series 4, Entire Set of 16 - SEALED (feel method - 100% guaranteed), two sets, $48 each or equivalent in trade.

Castle Fantasy Era:


5618 Troll Warrior, $5. (x2)

Harry Potter:


4708 HP Train (first series), $100 or at least $85 in trades.

Star Wars:


10026 UCS Naboo Fighter, $275 or at least $250 in trades.


7751 Ashoka's Starfighter and Vulture Droid, $80 or equivalent in trades. TRADED


10174 UCS AT-ST, $150


10186 UCS General Grievous, $95 or at least $90 in trades.


7672 Rogue Shadow, $95 or at least $90 in trades. (slightly damaged box - NOT OPEN, NO HOLES or TEARS.


4504 Millennium Falcon (OT Edition), $175 or at least $160 in trades.


7667 Imperial Dropship, $22 (x2) or equivalent in trades.


7668 Rebel Scout Speeder, $17 (x2) PENDING


8014 Clone Walker Battlepack, $17 (x2) PENDING


8015 Assassin Droid Battlepack, $8 (x2) or equivalent in trades


8099 Midi-Scale Star Destroyer, $20 (x2) PENDING

If interested, please PM me offers. Paypal, buyer pays shipping from US. Must be on the straight-shooters list for anything over $50.

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Seeing as how I'm trying to generate some extra money to buy some newer sets, I'm willing to make some trade deals in the hope that it might make it a better deal for you.

My stuff in green, what I'd like in blue; Just for example, I will trade:

10194 Emerald Night (asking $145) for either 9474 (Battle of Helms Deep - $103.60 right now on Amazon) or 9516 (Jabba's Palace, $102.25 on Amazon right now). This trade has been done (for Helm's Deep)! But I'm leaving it as an example... make an offer!

4708 Hogwart's Express (asking $100) for BOTH 9465 (Zombies, MSRP $40) AND 9476 (Orc Forge, MSRP $40) OR BOTH 9472 (Attack on Weathertop, MSRP $60) AND 9470 (Shelob Attacks, MSRP $20).

So... you see where I'm going with this? If you're interested in any of the sets I have, feel free to make an offer in sets. In particular, what I'm looking for right now:

Batman Jetski polybag.

9470 Shelob Attacks

9471 Uruk Hai Army

9472 Attack on Weathertop

9474 Battle of Helm's Deep

9476 Orc Forge

9465 Zombies

9496 Desert Skiff

9516 Jabbas Palace

Several of these - notably Jabba's Palace and Helm's Deep are both really good prices on Amazon right now; the Desert Skiff is also cheaper, even the Weathertop set is several bucks off. So you can save some money on my sets (even if you pay MSRP) if you're willing to trade any of these new/sealed sets. If you order from Amazon, you could have it sent directly to me for free (even without Amazon prime - over $25 is free super-saver shipping on these sets - at least, I think you don't have to pay even if you're not having it shipped to you, but I could be wrong). Free shipping from S@H for over $75 orders, too - plus you get the Zombie car. If it needs to be shipped all to me, I'd forward you the Zombie car (or you can use that to trade for something else on my sale list, too).

These trades would work out way more in your favor than mine; please feel free to let me know what you think.

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Sorry for bumping this thread, but I can no longer edit the original posts - I'm going to end the trading of these items for now. If you want to make a cash offer, I'm open to it, but with the holidays coming and everybody in my life thinking I only care about LEGO (not true, of course), I have no idea what's coming.

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