Display Stands for Star Wars Ships

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I made some quick and dirty display stands for the newer X-Wing and Y-Wing sets:








I was wanting to make a display to make it look like they are flying, and I am happy with these two. The stand that comes with the UCS Imperial Shuttle inspired me.

But I have tried a few times to make something similar for the newer TIE Fighter model, and am having trouble. The large wings and limited space to attach a stand have proven difficult to make a good and stable display stand. I am wanting to make it look like the ship is banking, much like the X-Wing shown above.

Anyone else tried that? And if so, any tips or links to cool stands to make?

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I think your stands are a good start, but probably a little bulky for these ships. Here are a couple of pictures of the stand I made for my Y-wing. I think it gives it a nice pitch to look like it’s banking, but uses a simpler technique. Keep in mind it doesn’t take much to hold these smaller models in place. I hope I’ve helped. Good luck with your Tie fighter stand!



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Check out the stand for the standard B-Wing; it's utilitarian, unobtrusive, and works within the context of the main set. I just saw it for the first time yesterday and now I wish all system sets came with a stand like this.

Unfortunately, I don't think something like this will solve your TIE display problem :sceptic:

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