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It's Bazaar in here!

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This forum is for regular sellers. If your topic has been moved here that's what you're seen as. The rules of the Buy, Sell, Trade and Finds forum are elsewhere, but the rules for this place are as follows;

The Bazaar rules

  • Same base rules as BSTF; LEGO only, 100 posts to create topics and new joiners can't post.
  • The old BSTF rule of sales bumping is relaxed. Bumping is still discouraged, but responsible bumping is now allowed.
  • The quasi rule of too many topics is relaxed. Be responsible.
  • This is an AFOL forum. You should understand what responsible posting is.
  • No posts are counted in the forum. You will never be promoted again if all you do is post in The Bazaar.
  • No topics in the forum will appear in Active Topics or New Posts.

If you wish to discuss this forum go here or PM a staff member.

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