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Hey there and welcome to this topic of my 3rd MOC Ignotus.

If you remember my MOC DOR-1,I tried to make a body with Technic pieces only. Well,I tried to do this again,but I got a new idea,"what if I could make a MOC with 4 legs?" So,the body is an Hero Factory body,but the main belowbody-build is made from bionicle/technic pieces,the legs are made from Hero Factory legs.

'Ignotus was a ruler of a little village. He was great,but then,sudden,the villagers didn't trust him anymore.Since Ignotus didn't knew better,he fled away. He got his best weapons,and his friend DOR-1 made some modifications,turning his left hand in a shield of fire. But the shield could also be used as an weapon. Thus,Ignotus fled away,and who knows if we could see him again...'


Here he is in all of his glory! As you can see,he holds his Fire Shield in his right hand and his Fire Wand in his other hand. His fire shield can rotate so fast that every blade/objectile can be shred apart,tossed away or dissapear within the flames.

I know the light colored red doesn't fit well with the dark red/bordeaux,but I didn't knew another solution since I wanted the arms to be made of Bionicle pieces.


A close-up of his Fire Staff. The staff itself can rotate. He can use this staff as a sword,but also shoot flames from it.


A close-up of his shield. Building it isn't that hard.


Here's a close-up of the lower-body/leg build. As you can see,I used many axle pins and many old hand pieces for this.The HF legs itself are connected to the old hands thanks to the middle ball-joint. Ofcourse,this means the legs can't be posed good,you can pose the feet,but the legs are impossible to pose. Ofcourse,you can make the legs a bit higher/lower.


a side-view.Sorry for the blurry pics. I don't have a HQ-camera... If you're wondering if the main body balances well,thanks to the back armour and some HF bones I placed the body doesn't shake.


Back-view of Ignotus.


As I said about the feet and legs,they don't pose well,but the arms do pose very good,actually,you can make some nice and surprising poses indeed!

Anyways,thank you for reading this! I would love to get some critique/comments so if you have a question or anything,don't bother to ask!

See you soon!


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