SoF: Stephanie's Motorized Monster Truck

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A vehicle category in the Friends contest? How could I resist?


I decided to build something a bit bigger than my normal Lego cars, so a monster truck was a natural idea. To make Stephanie's monster truck a little more exciting, I included some power functions motors and an IR receiver to make remote control. It was harder than I thought though, to get the right amount of power to drive the heavy brick-built wheels, that and the steering was a right pain in the megablocks to get right, I'm still not entirely happy with it.

Anyway, lets see some of the details (and a video) of Stephanie's Not-So-Friendly Motorized Monster Truck!


Here you can see the V8 petrol Petal engine and the lights, powered by two light bricks at the back.


The Monster Truck has a hinged hood to access the engine and a removable roof to see the interior with space for two minidolls.


At the rear are some flower lights, which double as buttons for the light bricks that power the front lights, a protective roll cage and some exposed wires.


It appears that Stephanie prefers her monster truck to her convertible...

And finally click here to see a video of Stephanie's Motorized Monster Truck doing what it does best!

I hope you enjoyed viewing my entry to the Summer Of Friends contest and I'm interested to see all the other category 1 entries!

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AWESOME design 'TheKingOfBuilding', fantastic PF'ing there too ! :grin:

Brick On with your Friend's 'TheKingOfBuilding' ! :wink:

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Very cool indeed! Could hardly believe it when you said it had PF... looks like a blast to drive around.

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Great work! Love all the purple too! :thumbup: And the light-up bricks! Excellent idea!

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