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REVIEW: 30027 Reindeer


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Welcome to my first Reviewer's Academy review! I will be reviewing:



I picked up this promotional set last Christmas and I thought might start with something nice and simple for my first RA review. It's not everday you see a reindeer LEGO set. But is this set just some boring promotional set, or will you experience real Christmas spirit? Read on to find out! :thumbup:

Set information:

Name: Reindeer

Set Number: 30027

Theme: Creator

Pieces: 66

Minifigures: 0

Price: Free; promotional

Links: Brickset, Bricklink, Flickr


This set just came in a sealed plastic bag with a picture of the set on the front. I don't have the original bag to show you, but I did find this picture from Bricklink. The bag just has the plain blue and yellow creator theme background.



The instructions included was just a folded page. They were folded neatly and weren't too crumpled, which is great.


Here's the first page of the instructions, which also have the same Creator background.


The second page has a few ads for other Creator sets such as the Log Cabin.


There weren't any problems with colour difference and some of the steps with more pieces had call-outs, but they weren't really needed anyway. :laugh:


The Build

There weren't any interesting techniques in the building of this set. All the steps were pretty basic. You can see the clips for the head, tail and legs in the picture below.


Now here are two of the legs and the head not clipped on.


The Result

The end result is quite nice. The reindeer looks realistic and it would look great on display at Christmas-time. I really love those antlers! :wub: You can see how all the clips are clipped into place. You can also note how the head was made from brown cheese slopes, which as a result makes the head look uneven. Since the head, tail and legs are clipped on, this allows them to move forwards and backwards, similar to on a normal minifigure, without the tail part that is. :laugh:


Here on the side, it looks just as great as from an angle. You can now see the clips better, which means the bley clip used for the head really stands out. The head should have had a brown clip instead, just so that the colours looked right.


Now, from a front-view, you can see the head better. Also note how the antlers were made. They were simply L-shaped light tan pieces placed on an angle. I personally don't like the eyes as they protrude out too much, when seen from this perspective.



Parts: 5/10 - There isn't really anything special with the parts. This set is just a mix of slopes, clips and other common parts.

Design: 7/10 - It's great that the designers thought of using clips for the legs, tail and head, allowing them to move. This is so much better than just a still reindeer. The actual look of the reindeer is excellent too.

Minifigures: n/a - There aren't any minifigures in this set...

Playability: 4/10 - There isn't that much that you can do with this set. Sure you can move the clipped parts around a bit but that would be sure to bore any kid. :classic:

Value: 7/10 - For a promotional set, this is quite good for what you get. This set is available for purchase for £8.99 on the "Daily Brick" website. I guess this is much more expensive and the value has probably changed, but if you really want this set, then go for it.

Overall Rating: 5.7/10

I think this is a great promo set. I would recommend this set to you if you just love Christmas, reindeers or just want the parts.



"Santa, I think you're too heavy. We can't get off the ground..."

"Nonsense, Dasher! I only ate five jars of cookies today."

Edited by Ferrik

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Nice review Ferrik! It has been a fun journey in the academy with you! I can't wait to see whdat else you post there!

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Nice review Ferrik! It has been a fun journey in the academy with you! I can't wait to see whdat else you post there!

Thanks TrumpetKing67, I can't wait to make more reviews too. :wink:

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Great review, Ferrik!

I agree with Brickmamba in that the model isn't exactly spot on and could be better, but, that said, I am a huge Christmas fan and cannot believe that this is the first I've heard of the set. I might have to pick it up for Chirstmas this year now!

- The brick is Epic

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Nice review, 'Ferrik'! :classic:

I wish it was Christmas time already. At least October is coming soon, in which that is my favorite month. Sadly, school starts next week for me. :cry_sad::grin:

Edited by just2good

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