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Unoffficial LEGO Sets/Parts Collectors Guide as DVD or Download

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I've got a new webpage source for selling my 2,800 page LEGO Sets/Parts Collectors Guide on DVD or download....

Although it will link you directly to Paypal... you don't even need an account there to buy my Encyclopedic Collectors Guide. But you will have all the protection that Paypal provides! default_classic.gif

And here is less that 1/10 of 1% of what is in my all encompassing collectors guide....

Also... from now on... future updates will be available to those who have purchased this particular DVD or download....

I've already found the first unknown set.... it's a #492 set (which is listed in most LEGO online databases as a 1966-68 continental European 8 piece flag set.

Well at some point in 1969 TLG decided to eliminate the wavy LEGO flags (although they were produced in Britain, Ireland and Australia until 1972 in flags parts packs #442A and #442B.

But in continental Europe... the #492 and #493 parts packs (7 different wavy country flags and a LEGO flag in each pack) were discontinued by 1969.... or so we thought...

It seems that somewhere in continental Europe (and we don't yet know where??) they combined both flag packs into a single #492 pack... that contained 15 flags (no need to double up on the LEGO flag)... Here's the back of the box (the back of the box shows the LEGO flags inside)....

Here's the back of the 1966-68 (EU) #492 and #493 flags packs...


And.... here's the box top and back of box of the mysterious (starting in 1969) #492 box with 15 flags.....


This newer #492 box is in the box style of the 1969-72 EU spare parts pack boxes (which have a different design as the earlier 1966-68 boxes.

But which country this 15 flag parts pack was sold in starting in 1969 is a big mystery. TLG used this set to get rid of their leftover wavy flags... since starting in 1973.... all flags were going to be straight flags with flag stickers (found in the 939 and 949 parts packs.

Just the first of what will likely be future updates for the LEGO Guide... but future updates will be provided for free... to keep folks current on rare stuff about LEGO.


Gary Istok

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Here's one of the best examples of why everyone should own my LEGO DVD (especially download)... it's 2,800 pages... because it explains very complex issue such as this 700/3 basic set of 1960-65. There's 8 more earlier versions of this set, some in different languages, from 1949-60.....

This is the bottom of the 700/3 box (the instructions were there on 1960s sets).... it depended on which version each European country wanted to sell that year...


And this shows the 2 box top variations, as well as a Danish magazine ad for the contents...


See here for more specific (and complex) details on all the variations of this one simple 700/3 set...

Now you know why the DVD or download becomes so handy to have..... ;-)

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