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Selling Custom Town Plan Set

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OK... I've been very busy trying to get my house back from foreclosure (lawyers are not cheap)... and in doing so I got my BL store closed down because I owe them some serious commission fees (and not for other reasons)...

Anyway... I'm trying to raise some cash for both (BL and lawyer)... and put some very hard to find items on Ebay.

One item is a custom made Town Plan that I made long ago (but just this week modified, since some buildings didn't have curb appeal in the photos...)

Here's 2 images.....



There are images of all 10 buildings in the Town Plan scene....

Also selling some rare parts (such as a mint 2x10 trans-clear brick and other rare mint parts.

Need to raise some bucks!

There are over 200 windows in that Town Plan set! Including lots of rare parts.....

Under my EBAY "Istokg" ID.... I've got lots of mint items not too often found... at great prices!! default_classic.gif

The only thing this is NOT real LEGO are the 2 VWs.... they're WIKING (a German HO scale model)... real LEGO ones in mint would cost over $100 each. But the other trucks are real LEGO...

LOL.... when I was building that Victorian style hote with clock tower... I was watching Seinfeld... so that's where I got "HOTEL NEWMAN".... default_laugh2.gif

Also, the 608 KIOSK set is a real set that fit perfectly here... so it's included (mint parts + instructions).

... and many of the parts (flag, trees, road signs, printed bricks) go back at least 50 years....

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Yes.... someone bought the only Town Plan with a Sealand Service Station (with very rare white garage door), and the only known Philips Electronics Store (with Minitalia windows).

But the Victorian Hotel will now be known as the "HOTEL MERCER"....

A very pleased grandmother bought this so that her 2 grandchildren will have the opportunity to play with a town that is a throwback to the 1960s... "when times were simpler then".... default_classic.gif

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