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Spanish Mission

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As the sun sets on 16th Century Florida, a Spanish captain seeks spiritual peace at the local Catholic Mission.



Here is the mission.


Other view


A Spanish soldier stands guard in the grass.




Side view of the mission


The Spanish captain enters the mission


The priest and a statue of Joseph in the back.


A monk and the Holy Water.


The inside of the building.


The roof workings and the cross

I hope you enjoyed this. I wanted to create something using the Armada theme and I thought this worked out well.

Thanks for reading! :pir-classic:

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It's a rather nice MOC :thumbup: I don't know what a real building like this would look like but this looks quite realistic.

It would be nice to have some more background information about the building, but I like how it looks.

The front, the roof and the cross are well done.

I'd like to blog it. Next time you make a MOC, could you add a white background?

That makes it more professional and seem like you made more effort to make good pictures.


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I think simple MOC's like this ellude a great significance for custom LEGO builds. Simple yet elegant. I can imagine hours and hours of playability all around this little MOC with big possibilities! Good Job!

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Sorry for the late reply, I was away. Thank you for all of the comments and I appreciate it being Blogged. :pir_laugh2: I wanted to go with an all white colorscheme for this one and I did try and make it have a lot of playability as I do most of my MOCs. :pir-sweet: For more information on this MOC, I really wanted to try and do something historic realating to Florida. I figured a mission would be prefect in the fact that I had the type of pieces that can pull off that look. Tha Alamo in Texas was a loose model for this church.

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