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Review: 9393 Tractor

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Dutch translation:

After my LEGO Withdrawal I decided to get back in and buy some of those lovely models that came out in the mean time. The plan is to get ALL of the 2h2012 models (Here in the netherlands the Crawler, Big helicopter, Logging truck an the smaller tractor). Since I've got no money-tree in the backyard i'm kicking this off small with the 9393 Tractor which is the smallest model of this release-wave!


Product details

Set No.: 9393

Set Name: Tractor

Theme: Technic

Released: 2h2012

Pieces: 353

Price: €32.95

Purchase price: €32.95

The box


Even though it's shown at the top of this post it's a smaller box than it's equally expensive counterpart: the 8068 Resque helicopter. It's actually a good thing. As you buy a smaller box it will feel heavier in the shop thus you're tricked into thinking it's worth more. Once I opened the box it felt like I was suspecting in the shop. It's litteraly packed with parts!

Alternate models

Dune buggy:

This was actually the model I bought this set for. Maybe i'll do a seperate review of it because I think that's what this model deserves. It looks great on the box and it has some tricks I haven't seen before. It should be worth building the alternate model, and if this model ever gets lower in price even to buy a second one just for this buggy.



This is what's inside the box. As you can see the manuals haven't been damaged. They were wondering around in the box as suspected but my guess is that the crammed up parts were holding the manuals in place! Way to go LEGO!


A total of two manuals, 5 plastic bags with more plastic inside them, and two manuals which haven't suffered at all. The fact that it was all crammed into that small box I've bought helps. I was under the impression that these parts were valuable, as opposed to the resque helicopter which has a large box with loads of air.




It's interesting to see how TLG gets this model to it's green state. Namely a whopping 10 parts make this tractor go green. Not that I've got any problems with that, but i'd rather had some more green parts to get it greener. But if you don't like the amount of green you could MOC it in there yourself really easily!


These are the more special parts in this set. Not anything new or special, but just some fun parts to have and play with. Those pulling beams wil definately come in handy when building small racers or anything with compact steering.

Putting it together

It's a small verhicle but thanks to the addition of some nice functionality i'll set you back approx 30 to 60 minutes. I've started with getting all the parts located on the table and ripping plastic bags apart, grouping, and just learning the amount of parts.


By page 15 you'l have the base and the complete steering done. It's simple but effective for a tractor.


Halfway through the instructions, the rear axles are done and the brackets for the back are in place. The majority of the rest of the instructions are cosmetics and that cool mower on the back.


More cosmetics done and more green parts added. It really starts to look like the tractor on the box because the front is nearly completed here.


Page 55, pretty baffled I looked at the manual and my tractor and it's DONE… But how come the instructions are 60 pages long… Yep! The mower on the back takes a whopping 10 pages to build. It's a nifty little piece of machinery that complements the tractor in a good way.


And it's done! The half-beams on the spinners are loosely attached, but the rest of this contraption is as solid as you would expect it to be.


The tractor, the mowing device and the spare parts. Luckily another gear but I don't think i've broken any parts over the years except some of those weak bushes.

Completion and 'playing'


And here it is, my first EVER farm-base technic model. It's a small machine with some basic functions but for this price I like what i'm getting. It's another good thing they haven't included any stickersheets. I REALLY hate those things because they don't fit in any MOC.


You can push it along, both with the mowing device in the back lowered or raised. Hand of god steering is nice and the mower just packs a punch. I've drive past the spare parts with the mower down and a fair amount of speed which resulted in parts flying off in every direction.


Comparing it to other models (especially the helicopter) the model feels kinda expensive for what you get size-wise. If you're into the tractor and the lime green parts, or the really cool looking dune buggy you should get it just for that.

The verdict

Design 8/10 - The COULD do better, but for this size it has some functions that are just fun to watch, it's a real children's toy and I would recommend this for anyone with a kid in the starting-age for this set. It's a challenge build for them and they'll get a really playable model back in return.

Parts 7/10 - No new parts, not much lime green, it's just a regular set parts-wise.

Build 7/10 - Nothing special here either. However for kids it'll be great. For TFOLS/AFOLS it'll be done with very fast.

Playability 9/10 - It has the mower which can fling things away with reasonable force. and you can easily steer with it. Driving it around is as much fun as you would expect.

Price 6/10 - I think the 8068 resque helicopter is better value for money, but I can imagine people just wanting driving or flying material in their collection.

Conclusion 7/10 - It's fun to build and drive around, but there's nothing special about this set. It's not a dissappointment either but you could do better for the money if you look around.

So here it is, after a (much too long) break my first new review on I hope you like it, and I'll be looking forward to do the next one (although I'm tempted to leave everything in their boxes until the collection is complete. That mean's the crawler, big resque helicopter and logging truck could appear later, but faster after eachother.)

Until next time!

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Great review, this seems like a nice entry-level set. Good pictures also, without any distractions. I'm just wondering when it comes to my part of the world.

Good luck with the further shopping.

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Thanks for reviewing this, Crazydance. I've been waiting for some information on this set. I don't buy too many Technic models, but I do like to get them here and there, and as an old farmboy I've been very curious about this tractor set.

I'm not crazy about the lime green color, but I love the fact that the implement is a separate unit that engages with the drive shaft to get its power. It's a neat simulation of a PTO attachment. I don't have the Technic experience to do it, but it would be neat to see people developing other implements that could be attached to the tractor.

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I bought 2 9393's just for the buggy alternate model, it is much cooler looking than the tractor IMO, Lego has produced just too many tractors in the past several years (8063 which is nearly identical except has an ugly green paneled trailer to the 8284 Tractor, which while cool at first, the back blades never worked right, the gears would pop apart from each other while it was 'mowing' and many smaller 'b' model tractors)plus I really like the color lime even if it just has a couple of panels, I have 3 8649 Nitro Menaces, each with different color wheels and spoilers I painted in black, crimson red and midnight blue(big fan of the Fast and Furious movie franchise). I have 2 of the 8048 Buggies as well and 2 of the 9392 Quad Bikes (for the 'b' model buggy which I have modified with the front bar that is on the 8048 and heavy duty 2x2" round clear plate w/ studs on back for lighting, installed the lighting on the roof of both of the 9392 and 9393. Also bought 2 of the 8262 Quad Bikes (again for the buggy alternate model, I'm not into Quad Bikes) and modified both of them with roof lighting and a missing seat in the 8262. ALong with the 8454 Rescue Truck's 'b' models buggies, I have quite the collection of buggies, big and small. They sit by the monster 8428 Concept Car, which is rather like a buggy too. So got a whole table of just buggies lined for the dune rides...

Great review, this seems like a nice entry-level set. Good pictures also, without any distractions. I'm just wondering when it comes to my part of the world.

Good luck with the further shopping.

It hasn't made it to Norway yet? It was available in July here in the USA. Have you seen the other 2H models like the 9396 Helicopter or the 9398 Crawler yet? Man, if I hadn't built 2 of them, I'd send one to you...

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Looks good for such a small model, I don't have any tractors so may make it onto the list for me and the kids. Thanks for the write up

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Very good review (read them both, at Lowlug too).


Although this is not a must have model, it is in our family though.. My son wants any tractor he sees :tongue:

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It's good review. I have this set in my collection too and I've bought it mostly for buggy. When I've built buggy I was little disapointed of its design and functionality. Fake engine is cool but it has realy bad steering with BIG steering radius due to narrow front axle and wide hood.

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