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Astromech Workplace Contest: Cloud City Cantina

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Cloud City Cantina

"Welcome to the Cloud City Cantina, the best drinking establishment on Bespin" (or at least that what I've been programmed to tell you, thought V-3PO). "I'm your host V-3PO and tonight your entertainment will be provided by FX-17" (assuming of course that the R4 unit in the maintenance area underneath us can keep the generator from overloading, V-3PO continued to think).

"The balcony is open to anyone wishing to enjoy the Bespin atmosphere, but please bare in mind that you do so at your own risk, as we do not provide a forcefield around this area. Also please be aware that you will be liable for any of our R2 units which are lost over the edge either through accident or malevolence."

"We hope you enjoy your evening and please remember the force is strictly forbidden on the dance floor."








The bottles and the two glasses are from BrickForge.

Cloud City Cantina on Flickr

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Nice entry! It looks like an elegant cantina to go to, compared to Mos Eisley. :laugh: My favourite details here are the greebles on the underside of the balcony and FX-17. :wink: Best of luck!

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