Modular Madness - Voting: Category 1: Mini Addition

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It's voting time!

Category 1: Mini Addition


The first Eurobricks / Classic-Town.net Modular Madness contest is a huge succes with 81 qualifying entries in three categories. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Use the following links to see the entries and cast your votes:

Please read the voting rules carefully!

Voting closes on Sunday August 19 at midnight GMT/UTC.

Voting Rules

- You may vote once in each category

- You have a total of 5 points to award

- You may not give more than 3 points to a single entry

- Post your votes in the voting format shown below (list entry number, builder, and number of points awarded)

- You may not edit your post, edited votes will not be counted

- Votes that do not comply with these (simple) rules will not be counted

- Only post your votes here, for discussion please refer to this thread

- You must have joined Eurobricks prior to August 1, 2012 to be able to vote

Examples of Correct Votes

Only votes in this format will be accepted!

7. Phred - 2

19. Hinckley - 3

7. Phred - 2

15. Ricecracker - 2

19. Hinckley - 1

7. Phred - 1

15. Ricecracker - 1

19. Hinckley - 1

21. Pandora - 1

22. Rick - 1

The Entries - Category 1: Mini Addition

In no particular order. Click on an entry to see more pictures.

BM04D.jpg 1. The Antique Shoppe by George G.

BM04C.jpg 2. Micro Bank by lisqr

BM07A.jpg 3. Theatre by slovakiasteph

BM04E.jpg 4. Post Office by Multiverse

BM06E.jpg 5. Phone Shop by evan.evan.evan

BM06B.jpg 6. Pizzeria by Kai NRG

BM06A.jpg 7. Living House with Garage by Kit Fisto

BM07B.jpg 8. Starlight Cinema by TheLegoDr

BM07C.jpg 9. Bank by FliXFantatier

BM06D.jpg 10. 50's Style Bank by CarsonBrick

BM07D.jpg 11. The Library by streifen

BM07E.jpg 12. "King's Corner" by moctown

BM08E.jpg 13. Rhodes Biology Lab (Under Construction) by Inconspicuous

BM09A.jpg 14. Fashion Store by Bricktooth

BM08A.jpg 15. Esso Garage by lightningtiger

BM08B.jpg 16. Townhouse by kciR

BM08D.jpg 17. Mini Hospital by Cecilie

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1. George G. - 1 Point

10. CarsonBrick - 2 Points

12. moctown - 2 Points

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1. George G. - 1

10. CarsonBrick - 1

12. moctown - 3

Disclaimer: I joined EB today, but tried it several times before - the confirmation email never arrived. Today I tried another email adress. Perhaps this can be proven by an admin. If not and if you think you have to remove this vote: feel free.

Edited by PsyKater

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12. moctown - 2 points

10. CarsonBrick - 2 points

1. George G - 1 point

Congratulations to all members who entered. :sweet:

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