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Hey there. I recently made a large demon for a Historica Challenge, and I came up with a usefull way to make my large scale figure hold a weapon. I think this would be the best place to share how I did it.


Here is his right hand. Notice how the thumb is connected to one of these.


Here is the sword. Notice that I put one of these, in the hilt.


By attaching the two pieces, the demon can hold the sword without using his fingers.

Have you seen my beach ball? It's about this big.


I may have left it over there.


Or Perhaps over there.


Eveybody Sing! YMCA!



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I LOVE this Demon! the blend of parts is sleek and it makes him look fast and strong at the same time! The teeth and claws are good as well. No complaints on this one!

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Hold on. Why is this in the Action Figures section? This is a System MOC.

Just because it is made out of system does not mean it is not a action figure. :L

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