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Have you ever wondered why our members who play the Mafia Games in our Games Forum have so much fun? To find out sign up for our latest Mafia School game, hosted by Rick and Pandora! You must pass a school game to play a full fledged Mafia game, so sign up today to have a ton of fun learning how to play the game you can have even more tons of fun playing. ... What?



Police Infiltration: A Mafia School Game

In the happy town of Kirksville the citizens are mostly well behaved, but those intent on breaking the law are dealt with efficiently by the large police department. Unfortunately, the falling crime rates are not to everyone’s tastes, and in an effort to “represent their business interests” the local Mafia have had to resort to infiltrating the police themselves. As events take a turn for the worse for the Chief of Police, the station is forced into lockdown and the Police workers and the Mafiosos are forced to deal with each other in the most basic terms, as they fight for the future of Kirksville.

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