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Modular Madness: Fashion Store

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This is my entry for Category 1 of te Modular Madness contest. I entered in Category 1 because I have neither the parts or skill necessary to build a classic modular, and I thought building mini modulars is challenging enough too, so I decided to enter.

The building is a regular building, lacking an interior because of its scale. The building has 4 floors, with a fashion store on the first two floors, and apartments on the upper levels. There are flowers in the highest windows. The building has two chimneys and a radar dish on the rooftop. There is an entrance at the back side.







Thanks for the great contest, and good luck for everyone entering!

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Very nice building. The front and back are very interesting. I particularly like the side view.

Good luck in thek contest.

Andy D

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Neat build, the awning over the front entrance is my favorite detail though radar dish on top is cool too :classic:

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