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10218 Apartment building MOD

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indexed.gif B-RM-09C

I noticed when the Modular Pet Shop came out that the apartment next door had very little furniutre. I took out the painter and his tools, and had nothing to replace them with. Thus, this MOD was born. I've recreated the furntiure in LDD so that you can replace the painter + tools too.



I also added the garage from my Coin Shop modular in diffirent colors to have somewhere for the tenant to park his / her car.


The rear provides access to the garage as well.


First floor: Flower vase, Kitchen table, three chairs, wine bottle storage with bottles inside, and drawers for silverware and / or plates. (Dishes & silverware not included in LXF.)


The second floors features a couch, grandfather clock, telephone, tile rug, & picture frame.


The grandfather clock is actually set #30201, Ghost. (The link is to the Bricklink set)


This also goes on the second floor, right where the paint spot usually goes.


Top floor: bed + nightstand, outdoor table, and 2 chairs.


All the added furniture, plus the one part used to hold up the picture. the clock was not included here, as it is in it's own set and not desgined by me.

The LXF is is here. Enjoy!

NOTE: Some parts from the original model changed colors (the doors & the canopy from green to black come to mind) so it could better match the garage. Aside from hanging the picture on the wall, everything else structural was kept intact.

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Great work, I like a lot the forniture :classic:

Personally, I prefer other color, like blu, to brown, but in this MOC is perfect to recall an old house :thumbup:

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