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MOC: Ghostbusters Containment Grid

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Containment Grid by Hobbestimus, on Flickr


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It's True, This Lego Man Has No... by Hobbestimus, on Flickr

I've been customizing minifigures for a while now, but MOCs are kind of new to me. Proud of how this little build - I guess you'd call it a vignette - came out, though.

I would like to do something a little flashier for the base, although I'm not sure what.

Even though my Lego Ghostbusters are based on the cartoon show, I used the accessory that came with Mattel's Walter Peck figure for reference, so it's a movie containment grid with cartoon GBs.

Close enough.

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Great little MOC. And you even included Walter ("My name is...") Peck! I'll have to search this board to see if anyone has done the ECTO-1 in Lego.


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