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Song of Blades and LEGO

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It is more of a wargame than a RPG but I guess here is the best forum for this...

This weekend I had another chance to play my favorite rules-lite, fast-paced, generic miniatures game "Song of Blades and Heroes". This time it was with members of the Northern Illinois LEGO Train Club so of course we used LEGO terrain. Pepa Quin was nice enough to host and provided the terrain tables which were a model of Andy's room from Toy Story and parts of Futurama city. As always, SBH was alot of fun and the guys picked up on it very quickly. We managed to setup, BS, eat lunch and play two games in less than 4 hours!

Brief AARs, more pictures and a short comparison to "Brikwars" at our Club's Blog here:

A few pics to whet your appetite.

Here's the Layout for Andy's Room


One of the Warbands


Vikings vs Olympians


Orcs Assault the Planet Express


For those interested, SBH is only a $5 download here:

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I totally agree. Song of blades and Heroes is a great ruleset. We've been playing it with LEGO bricks off and on for over a year now.

You can see some of our battles (with commentary) on my flickr feed.

The TL;DR guide to Song of Blades and Heroes (SBH)

It's a skirmish game. A handful of figs on each side.

Each model has two numbers. Quality (Q) and Combat (C ) and possibly some special rules.

Q determines how much a fig can do on a turn.

Eg. regular guy - Q 3+. That means a player needs to roll a 3 or more on a dice to earn an action.

Players roll up to 3 dice, so a 'fig can have up to 3 actions.

Actions are generally either moving or attacking.

But if you roll two or more failures (eg, less than 3 for a regular guy) it becomes the other players turn

Chance of more actions = chance of ending turn.

Moving: we use a ruler that's 16 studs (a handy technic beam) long. On a battlefield about 4 baseplates by 4 in size).

When attacking each 'fig rolls a d6 and add their C value. (eg. regular guy - C 2)

You need to double your opponent to kill. Otherwise you knock them down (on an even roll, bonus in combat if enemy is down)

or push them back (if dice rolled was odd, enemy needs to spend move to re-enter combat).

There are various rules for shooting, magic and morale also.

Special rules applied to 'figs make them better than regular guys.

And that's about it.

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