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[MOCpages Find] Get on yer boat!

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Get on yer boat! Part 1 by Thoy Bradley


A deceptively simple moc, it's not very big but has a lot of neat techniques. I really like the way the water has been created with tiles, which isn't new, and then the bubble/waves created with the clear rounds at the same level as the tiles making them just a stud higher. It works really well for adding a movement effect but not being over-zealous with it.

The river edges (not really a bank) look great with the tan sand and all the vegitation. I like the various different tree techniques used because it really adds a nice lifelike randomness to the scene.


I also love the details of the fig and the boat with the white seat and the wine he was drinking before being chased by an alligator!


There is a cute story to go along with it, you can see all the photos on the MOCpages entry.

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Nice one but where do you get that water? :pir-wub:

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This is a great little MOC. Using my imagination I could see brickbeard cruising down the water way to escape the great croc as he continues unabated on his mission to find his treausre! And we thought the blue coats and red coats were his adversary... The only thing I would say is it would look great with some sort of continuation. So maybe a port of some sort or other inifigs on the side looking on...

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