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Frank Brick Wright

INDEX: Replica Ships — Vera Cruz

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NOTE: This thread should be used for indexing purposes only.

All discussion can be done in this thread.

I've visited Vera Cruz in the last few days and as there is basically no material from ships of this period neither in the internet nor in books — plans weren't used to build them, in the very least — I thought it would be interesting to have some detailed photos of an accurate replica for anyone interested in building caravels.


By accurate I mean that the proportions and shapes were kept. She does have a motor — it is necessary due to legislation, for maneuvering in the harbour — and the old capstan, for instance, isn't working. Still she is quite interesting because it is not easy to build a replica of a vessel as old as this one. Caravels started their oceans trips circa 1450, which gives them more than 500 years of history.

Instead of resizing all the photos I decided to upload them in higher quality — about 3500x2600 — to this brickshelf folder where the interested can see them.

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