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MOD: Power Functions 4551 Crocodile Locomotive

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Hi all,

I've recently got back into Lego trains and love the new PF system. I know some don't, and i will agree it's very bulky, but it is bringing Lego forward into the modern age, and make Layout building a lot easier. Anyway this has meant i am needing to add PF to my old favourite trains. Unfortunately my Metroliner engine is in bits (which i can't find all of) so i have started with the lovely 4551 Crocodile Locomotive.


So this is the guts of the mod. The PF motor is on the right and the wire goes to the left. I replaced the 6x4 plate in the center of the loco with two 2x4, leaving a gap in the middle that the wire goes up through. I have used one of the 6x4 double slopes with a cutout to make the underframe. All the extra length of the wire is shoved under the IR receiver. So all in all it's quite e neat job i think.


Top view of the mods. There is still plenty of room for the drivers chair.


This is the top view. I've had to re jig the roof slightly to get a hole for the IR receiver. Unfortunately it does mean quite a deep hole, due to the fact that the roof parts are 2 plates deep. I am thinking of using some 1x2 grills to cover it over, but then I'd have to have a good test to see if it would still work properly. With the receiver like this though the engine runs perfectly, no signal problems. I do have to life the roof to get at the on/off switch, but this is no big hassle to me.


Pulling my Metroliner coaches and Club Car. Easily managed this load. I had it going round the track so fast that it started sliding across the floor, as it's a wooden floor.

Hope you like. Comments and suggestions for improvement gratefully received.

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I faced the same problem with my mod for a more realistic br1020 locomotive (slightly longer nose, lights etc). Like you I found the thick roof a pain but it seems to work well enough. Congrats, and looking forward to some nice metro liners to work with it

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