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Highlanders Coin & Currency Shop

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Welcome to Highlanders Coin & Currency! We have been in buisness at the location since 1904, and have the finest selection of coins & paper money in the city. We pride ourselves on quality service, and we grade the common coins ourselves, while the more rare, valuable items go to the LCGS (which stands for Lego Coin Grading Service) for grading at their facility. We have a currency viewing area where you can examine our items before you purchase them.


The outside of the building, showing our cast-iron COIN sign.


The rear of our building leads to an alleyway connecting all the buildings on our street.


The shop floor, where all low priced coins are checked for errors, defects, & etc, before being put in paper holders for sale at one of our two tables.


This is a closer picture of the coin under the magnifying glass in the above picture.


This is where the shop owner lives. this apartment gives quick access to the store in case of robbery or some other disaster.


The bedroom of the owner.


This garage houses the owners car and also leads to the alley.


The owners car, shown here, is a 1957 Plymouth Furyblack w/ dark red stripe. (It can also fit cars such as my 1959 Anglia, 1920's Moon, & cars of the same size. This particular car, along with other colors, will be avalible shotly in my LDD Vehicle topic.)

The LXF is in this link. And yes, the LCGS is based off the real world PCGS. (Also known as the Professional Coin Grading Service)

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I love this. It looks great in tan. The car park is also a nice addition. I think it would look great with the other modulars and in real brick. :thumbup::classic:

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Very nice. I like the SNOT sign. The building is great, but the garage section looks a bit too similar to the Market Street version. Change it up a bit, and it will look perfect :thumbup:

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Lots of nice details, the garage is a cool touch and works nicely :thumbup: I also really like your interiors :thumbup:

Very nice work :classic:

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