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Working review 8571 Kopaka Nuva

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Hey there everyone,and welcome to my first review.

Today,I will be reviewing Kopaka Nuva,the Toa Nuva of Ice.

Sorry for the not so good quality pictures...

Set : 8571 Kopaka Nuva

Pieces : 43

Price : $7.99/£4.99


( Sorry,but since it's an old set,I threw away the canister and booklet,so I got some images from the internet,if that's okay... )

The canister


The canister shows Kopaka in a pretty cool pose,ready to get bought!

On the backside you get the usual things...

But,we want to see what's inside,or not? So here are the things IN the canister :

The Instruction Booklet


The booklet image shows Kopaka in an even cooler pose!

Skating with his ice skates in the snow.

But,why don't we get to the best of the set,the actual Bionicle!

The pieces


Wait,1...2....36 pieces?!

Yes,I'm sorry,but I actually didn't notice there were some pieces missing,but ofcourse,it's good we have spares so we could complete the whole set without a problem...

Note : even though Kopaka's main color is white,there are only 5 white pieces in the whole set.

But let's continue :

Interesting pieces

Here are the pieces that immediately got my attention :


Kopaka Nuva's shield truly is cool. It's actually pretty big for the set itself,but that makes it so cool!

I just love the shield :cry_happy:


The mask itself,what is Kopaka without his mask? It looks pretty cool,thanks to the lens scope!

Inner side mask

Here's the inner sid of the mask,you can clearly see the thing that connects this mask to the head.

Ofcourse,it's less detailed,but yeah...

Ice blades

Kopaka's ice blades. I love the form! It's also pretty nice that Kopaka is the only Toa Nuva that gets 2 blades on 1 hand,due to the shield.

nuva armor

The 'Nuva armor' , or how it's called...

I love the silver color of it!

The build

Now to the main part,the build isn't that hard,it's actually quite easy :

build part 1

First we add the head and the 'middle' section.

build part 2

Then we add the legs

build part 3

Then we add arms

build part 4

And then the mask and weapons...and..voila! Kopaka is ready to pose!

But first,let's see how he looks from all the angles :

Rotation 1

Rotation 2

Rotation 3

Pretty good huh?His back is open,but still,I like it!


So,how does he pose? He poses pretty good,but ofcourse,there are some cons,like :

Leg problem

Because of the old connection system,you can't bend the legs forward,thus you can't be able to make Kopaka running...

Also,because of the big mask,it's hard to 'turn' the head ( you know,turn it into another direction,because of the axle pin,you can turn the head in 4 direction. ). It is possible,but still very hard...

Ice skates

But what IS nice,is the function to actually put the weapons on the shoes,to make him ice skating.

So,that wraps up my review...

Here is a Bonus image,I tried to make the pose on the instruction booklet :

Bonus Image

If you would like to see ALL the images,or just want to see them again,here's the link : Kopaka gallery

So,here's my conclusion :

If you love white,this is a really good set,you can pose him as you want,except for a litte details that get fixed in the later sets...

You can still get the set,and I recommend this set if you are a fan!

So,I hope you like my first review,thanks for reading and bye!

Leave your opinion or thoughts in the comment box below!



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