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two interiors

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Hello! Thanks for looking at my MOC topic :) This is my first MOC in a long time (a year or so), as well as the first posted on the internet.

And before you look, I will warn you: blurry pics ahead! (didn't have my good camera with me... :/ )

This is the (very) packed court room. The prosecution (Gibbs), is sporting a "bride of Frankenstein" look. There's a medic on the witness stand, and the judge is wearing an old army uniform for some reason (I'd like to say that it's a Calvary uniform from the old western line? correct me if I'm wrong)

This next pic is just the blank court room, without figs. I like the wooden look. Originally the whole thing was snotted brown, but I decided it was too monocoloured.

The next image is a frontal view of the second interior, an office. I personally, like the arch I made in this. It reminds me of something out of the castle line.

Finally, we have a close up of the office. The walls are made out of 4x1 log pieces. The back is made out of 2 types of glass bricks, one (the one nearer the top), I haven't seen in any sets except the old promotional HP knight bus set, although the pieces were smaller. Have they appeared in any recent sets? Note the dragons on the desk, along with computer and keyboard. (which set are the dragons from?) Again, it's snoteed.

I hope you liked it! comments and crits appreciated!


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