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The Mystery of the Yellow Room

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Hello Eurobricks !

Long time no see ! I haven't had much time to go on Eurobricks but I got a pretty good excuse : I have been working on a one hour adaptation of Gaston Leroux's novel The Mystery of the Yellow Room in Lego style ! :cry_happy: Yes ! That's right, one hour of Brickfilming happiness !

The crime takes place at the Chateau du Glandier, located in the forest, near the road leading to Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois and Montlhéry. The daughter of a famous scientist, Mathilda Strangerson(Mplayed by MUSTARDMANZZ) is found the victim of attempted murder. The strange thing is the room is locked from the inside and there are no other ways in. A famous detective, Frederic Larsan(FILMMAKER16) and his colleague Judge Marquet(GEERTOS13) are involved but the young journalist Joseph Rouletabille (GEERTOS13)and his friend John Sainclair(DT98FILMS) are more concerned with unraveling the mystery by use of reasoning and logic. Miss Stangerson is found alone and severely injured, moments after being violently attacked in a locked room at the Chateau, a room with absolutely no possible means of escape for the would-be murderer. Or so it appears. Joseph Rouletabille, journalist/detective, is immediately thrust into the investigation of the insoluble crime that would soon electrify all of France. Rouletabille, a mere eighteen years old, is very much in the tradition of Poe's Dupin, believing rational analysis, rather than crawling on all fours around the crime scene, is the key to unraveling those cases that are genuine puzzles, as this one is. (Not that Rouletabille disdains mundane forensics when called for. And when he chooses to crawl about, he does so with a most discerning eye!) Suspects include the Indian Gamekeeper (JimA73), Father Jacques (CpuWrite), The caretakers, the Burniers (Ryodisis and MustardManzz) and The professor Strangerson (Bhlc11)

Ladies and Gentlemen, enjoy a Brickfilm of record breaking length ! You are about to watch THE MYSTERY OF THE YELLOW ROOM !

Comments and Critics are of course appreciated ! (especially critics, I'd love to hear what could be improved !)

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Fantastic, Geert! Really well done. The script was incredibly well done and every bit of the dialogue was great. All of the voice actors did great, and I found your voice acting better than ever; especially the exciting parts where you actually yell out the words. The animation was great, and I think something you are very good at is set building; the sets were amazing of course and I loved all of the details in Professor Strangerson's office. I thought the sound effects were also very good, and for some reason I really loved the scene where Darzac drives Joseph and Sainclair to the manor in the Professor's car. The jokes were funny as well and they fit in perfectly. The visual effects were also quite cool (such as the chroma keying), and I really loved the lighting; I think you've really improved since your Harry Potter series started, and you can especially see it here. Really great work, Geert. I'll totally pick this as my Best Film choice if they'll do the BricksInMotion brickfilm awards again this year on Cheers! :classic:


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