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Astromech Workplace Contest: Consular Ship Playset

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Hi guys!

I finally got some orders and now I'm also entering the Astromech Workplace Contest!

This is actually a WIP but the main section is done now.

I thought it would be cool to build something like a display but also with functionallity so it is a playset to.

Well, here is my fully moddable consular ship playset:


Astromech docking station:


Lift and engine addon:


Lift and engine addon (open door):


The cool thing about is that you can add as many sections as you can build!

So here we have the droid dockings and an engine room with a lift.

I have more ideas to add on and will post them asap!

For now just tell me what you think about it please:)

I hope you like it.

cheers, Vector

Ps.: Find all pictures in my flickr album

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Hay Vector, it's looking good so far. I was originally going to build this scene for my entry but instead done R2 accessing the control panel UCS scale.

I would like to see a little more details on the droid docking station. Maybe some control panels on the walls or behind them or some sort of joining dock arm. From memory the lift should be where the door is currently situated but I like the door and doorway though. :thumbup:

Waiting to see the final product.

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