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Review: 4202 Mining Truck

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Number: 4202

Name: Mining Truck

Theme: City

Year: 2012

Minifigs: 1

Pieces: 269

Price: 29,99 EUR

This will be my first set review.

It looks like the focus on some pictures isn't 100% accurate please forgive me.

The box

There is nothing special to tell about the box itself. It pretty much is a standard Lego box (which means they could have made the box a bit smaller). The picture shows the truck as a huge machine which it should be. The machines are monsters in real life as well (They still are bigger but we'll forgive Lego for that, otherwise they wouldn't fit in the overall City World (-: )


The back of the box shows an overview of the content, all available mining sets and some pictures of the set as how it can be used.


The side shows a pictures of the minifig in action.


The content

The box contains 3 part bags, 4 wheels and one instructions booklet


The instructions

One booklet has been included. The back contains the same Lego survey advertisement we've seen so I didn't include a picture of that one.


A picture of a random page in the manual. It's pretty straightforward. On top you have a list of the parts you need for the step and below a visual representation of the build.


Here is a (pretty dark) part overview. I'll update this picture later.


A close up of the sticker sheet. Luckely not many stickers are included. (my sticker skills ain't that great :p)


New parts

If I'm not mistaken, the dynamite is a new mould. In the past there was dynamite, but it was printed on 1x2 plates.

A trans white 1x1 round plate without stud.

The helmet is new as well, but it'll be on the minifigs head later in the review.



I couldn't find anything about part number 4543924 so I guess it's a new part as well?

I don't have any clue why they used this part in the build. The curved slope isn't even visible. It's behind the front wheels with the straight side turned to the wheels.




The build

It's time to open up the bags!

Content of bag number 1


You can find the only minifig included in this set in it.

The minifig has a new print on it's torso and face. The mining helmet on it's head is great looking. I like the minifig in general a lot.

The front:


And the back:


After finishing the build with the first bag.

The base for the truck:



And everything in one shot. The base for the truck, 2 rocks (with some gold included in them), a warning sign "Explosion risk" and the minifig.


It's time for bag 2.


Bag 2 contains the steering (front) part of the truck. It has some nice small details.


I really like how they attached the front part of the truck using SNOT.


The third and final bag.

I found a small aesthetic error in the manual. Nothing too serious but if you're in detail you might want to get it correct. (For the sides of the loading part, they tell you to build it twice. In the side a grill 1x2 bricks are used where on one side the lines are going horizontally and on the other side vertically. If you follow the instructions you'll build it the same twice. On the drawings afterwards it's shown correctly (-: )


After this, the build is of course finished.



The front of the truck.


The loading part of the truck has a nice design. I like how they build the unloading mechanism with some technic parts. This way it's a strong build.



The back of the truck. In my opinion they could have put some more detail in it. (The back of the unloading platform)


Spare parts

We've got 2 trans 1x1 round plates, 1 golden 1x1 round plate, a 1x1 trans white round plate without stud, a 1x1 printed plate and 2 technic parts.


The verdict

Design & build: (8) It's a nice design where they used some nice techniques (SNOT and a bit technic). The truck is pretty big comparted to a minifig as it should be.

Parts: (9) We have new parts and some other usefull parts as well. (a few 1x16 bricks, some larger plates)

Figures: (7) Only one minifigure is included. A 2nd would be nice. The new prints are sweet.

Playability: (9) The build is pretty robust. The included rocks might come in handy. In combination with a excavator, this could be a lot of fun to play with.

Value: (8) The average price per piece is €0,11, which is average.

Overall: 8 It's a nice set to have in your collection. If you don't like the mining theme, you don't need to use the stickers and you can use the truck for the construction theme ;)

I hope you did enjoy this review. Feedback is alway welcome.

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Thanks for the review 'nielsv', I'm still deciding to buy this or not....I have the mine on layby and the other three sets built already, but another jumbo dumper ? I already have the 2005 one, but in this ones favour it's all brick/plate 2005 it had a large one piece dump tray (though more realistic looking :wink: ).

Nice new 2x2-1x2 bracket...handy part for MOCing. :classic:

If I can some spare money this week (ah, car repairs and gas bill on the same day :blush: ) I buy it while the Kmart toy sale is on.

Brick On Review On 'nielsv' ! :classic:

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Nice review, 'nielsv'! :sweet:

This is a pretty cool set, but isn't worth it in my opinion. I've said it numerous times, but the Mining theme isn't too good. :look:

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Hey look-- a Lego Tonka Truck!

Still on the fence here... One on hand, it's a nice new take and a fairly realistic build of a unique actual vehicle. My kids would love the idea of it as well, I would think. On the other hand, however, it's just so darn big I don't know how you could possibly incorporate it into a layout. And yet, for all it's pieces, there's something just a little bit underwhelming about the set as a whole.

I'll probably still get it eventually-- I already have the two smallest sets of the line and want more-- but will wait to see if I can get it on sale before the holiday push. Something about the mining theme just screams "I'll be sitting on the shelves while the licensed sets come and go!" and yet, if I miss out on it I'm sure I'll regret it, just like that darn Combine Harvester I never picked up despite having ample opportunity to do so.

Good first review-- keep up the good work!

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Great review. Thorough description and nice pictures. I'm still on the fence with this set. I'm not interested inntye a mining sets, as a whole. But, a LEGO Tonka Truck is hard to pass by. :laugh:

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Great review. In some ways, I feel this set is somewhat underwhelming compared to the Technic-intensive "construction" subtheme from several years back. But on the other hand, this set is far more impressive than many other dump trucks/haul trucks its size, especially with its simple but stylish hauling bed. Earlier dump trucks this size would normally have used a pre-fabricated hauling bed rather than a brick-built one.

The dynamite is not entirely new. It debuted in 2009 and was used in the Pirates and Power Miners themes. The bracket is new, though. Its part number is 99207 and it began making its earliest appearances in this year's Avengers licensed sets, along with many other new bracket pieces.

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Thanks for the review. The truck looks good from the front and sides, but horrible from the rear and under the tipper. Through your photos I assumed the red was just part of the infrastructure and you wouldn't see it in the final model... but you can. It just doesn't fit at all.

Still, the theme is a nice change from the emergency services overload in recent years and I might get one or two. Probably not this though.

p.s. Dynamite was also in a lot of Pharoah's Quest sets.

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Strictly speaking, the dynamite dates back to the Power Miners theme. A sweet looking set, but it's so massive I think I might Bricklink the figure and move on.

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There's 4 dynamite parts in the Toy Story 7597 Western Train Chase, and I know of 1 in 7326 Rise of the Sphinx. Pretty sure I have a couple of other sets with it as well.

Still, great review. Was considering picking up some of the mining sets.

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To add to the posts above, the piece in question was used alot in Power Miners. Great review, and like so many others Im not sure if I will buy it because its so damn big to fit in my layout!

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Good Review Nielsv!

But am I the only one who is disturbed by the colorful back? Looks almost like a rainbow...

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Having acquired all of the mining sets I must say this is one of my favorites. I don’mind the odd colors here and there as it seems to be a "Lego thing" as long as the big picture view is mostly correct.

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Greetings! :classic:

Great Review! I just recently aquired my copy of this wonderful set! Although, I was thinking that the truck was going to be larger in size, I still give it high marks for the design and the cool mining minifigure.

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